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Leaving Soon!

Posted: June 8, 2018 by keystoneyouth in The Fold
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The Fold team is packing, double checking that we didn’t forget our toothbrushes, and just about ready to head out for Vermont! We will be leaving this coming Sunday and driving 8 hours to Lyndonville, VT to serve with the Fold Family Ministries. We would love to have you pray for us and follow along with our trip all of next week. You can follow along here for daily updates and you can follow us on Instagram at keystoneyouth for daily pictures.

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  • Last week we talked about Jesus coming to serve us.
  • We talked about the fact that Jesus went all out to serve us and that we need to be served by him.
  • I said that this is our ultimate motivation for serving.
  • If you remember I used the illustration of a fire used to cook burgers to give to others. Last week I talked about the fire – what is the fuel, the drive, the motivation that leads us to serve? Jesus serving us! This week I want to talk about the burgers – what is it that we have to offer other people. What is it that we have to serve with?

 Passage: 1 Peter 4:7-11

 Big Idea: God uniquely gifts us to serve other people.

 Main Points:

  • Everyone has a gift
  • God gives us gifts to serve other people.
  • We are called to serve in a way that glorifies God.


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Attention Funnel:

  • GoPro Best of 2015
  • GoPro Expectation vs. Reality


  • We are going to start off this year with a short two-week series about serving.
  • I don’t necessarily want you to think of serving in terms of being a New Year’s Resolution.
  • It can be that… maybe you resolve to try serving in a specific position this year, or to find one way to serve your family at least once a month.
  • But I want this to be more than that. I want to encourage you to begin to have a mindset of service. One that looks for opportunities and ways to serve, not just in the New Year, but as a continued lifestyle.
  • And I want you to do that because I believe that being a Christian means being a servant. And I believe that there is great joy and blessing to be found in being a servant.
  • So tonight we are going to talk about how Jesus came to serve us, and then next week we are going to transition into how God gifts us to serve others.
  • Think in terms of using a fire to cook burgers for others. Tonight we are talking mainly about the fuel of the fire, next week we are talking more about the burgers. The burgers are no good without a fire to cook them, but the fire should be used to cook the burgers or everyone remains hungry. God has served us so that we will go and serve others. His service for us fuels our service for others.

 Passage: John 13:1-17 

Big Idea: We serve because we have been served.

Main Points:

  • Jesus went all out to serve us.
  • We need to be served by Jesus.
  • We identify with Jesus by serving.


Upside-Down Kings

Posted: January 29, 2015 by keystoneyouth in Infection Lessons
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Infection Lesson #2: “The Upside-Down Kings”

Attention Funnel: Optical Illusions.

Introduction: Talk about the upside down kingdom.

  • Being upside down is unnatural.
  • It seems strange and hard to get used to – Just as looking at these pictures upside down seems strange.
  • People have often referred to Jesus’ teaching on what it means to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus, a part of God’s kingdom as the “upside down kingdom.” It seems so strange and contrary to what we naturally feel and think that it almost seems like turning upside down and walking on our hands.
  • I want to look at a specific passage tonight where Jesus addressed with the disciples what it looks like to be a person of influence, a person of leadership – and see how this seems upside down. How in following Jesus we become upside down leaders – upside down kings.

Big Idea: A leader is a servant.

Main Points:

  • We all want to be great.
  • We influence other people by serving them.
  • We serve because Jesus first served us.


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Time, Talents, and 20’s Lesson #2 – Talents:

  • Introduction: Jimmy Kimmel Christmas Gifts youtube video and Steven Wiltshire youtube video.
  • Most of us probably don’t have the same skill of Stephen Wiltshire, but that doesn’t mean that God has overlooked us and given us terrible gifts as the parents did in the first video.
  • Define talent: A special natural ability or aptitude.
  • Big Idea: God calls us to be faithful to him as we discover and use the natural abilities that he has given to us.
  • Explain Passage: This passage is a parable that Jesus spoke concerning the resources God has entrusted to us and how we are called to use those resources during our time here on earth as we await his returns. Talents in this passage is not speaking of our natural abilities but rather of a financial weight that was used in Jesus’ era. It is a large sum of money. I believe it signifies the resources that God entrusts to us. So while this broadly covers all the things God has given to us, I want to look at the specific applications it has for the natural abilities that God has given us.
  • Read Matthew 25:14-30
  • The parable is made up of 3 scenes
  • Scene One explains that the master entrusts three servants with a certain amount of his money as he leaves to go away on a long journey. He gives five talents to one servant, two talents to another servant, and one talent to a third servant. We are not told why this is the case.
  • Scene Two explains what each of the servants did with what was given to them. The first and the second go to work with what they’ve been given and double the amount. The third servant sticks out because he instead goes and digs and hole and puts the money in the ground.
  • Scene Three explains the masters return and his response to what each servant has done with what was given. The first and second servants are praised for their faithfulness, and rewarded with more responsibility and “entering in to the joy of the master.” The third servant comes to God explaining that because of his view of the master he simply buried his money in the ground until the master returned.


Help Wanted Sermon

Posted: January 26, 2014 by Brandon Fisher in Help Wanted Sermon
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Keystone ChurchScreen Shot 2014-01-26 at 2.41.33 PM

Help Wanted





Sandy Coates Spotlight for Healing Hearts


Offering:  (Slide 1)


Purpose:  Reveal God’s Love and Mission for the Church.


Goal:  Recruit & Deploy Keystone Church to Continue Jesus’ Ministry.


Main Points:

  • The Complaint—People are not being cared for.
  • The Solution—Select volunteers who are suited for the work.
  • The Response—People are loved, the Gospel is preached, and the Church grows.


These are the lessons given at this year’s Junior High Retreat:

Junior High Fall Retreat 2011

Keystone Youth Ministry

Served to Serve


Overarching Principles:

  • Serving makes you great.
  • Serving requires humility.
  • Serving requires sacrifice.