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Fold Day 2 and 3

Posted: June 13, 2018 by keystoneyouth in The Fold

We spent the past two days doing two main jobs: staining and wood chipping. Half of our group spent time staining decks, stairs, and the front of the school building while the other half spent time chopping up tree branches and sending them through a shedder in an effort to clear out an area for a parking lot. The team has worked extremely well together and incredibly hard over the past couple days! Wednesday is often one of the hardest days because everyone starts to hit a breaking point where they feel tired and worn down. It’s great to have a day off tomorrow to look forward to and rest a little more before finishing up on Friday.

We also got to spend more time with the students and staff here at the Fold over the past couple days. This evening we had a cookout and bonfire with all the students and staff and got to hear some of them share their testimonies. It was good to hear the ways that God is working in the lives of teens who come here, but it was also neat to hear how God has worked in the lives of the staff during their time at the Fold. We’ve been able to spend more time with staff and students then other years which has helped us to get a better picture of what actually happens at the Fold on a regular basis.

I’ve been really impressed with this team. They love to serve and they work hard. But they also love God and have been quick to talk about the ways they are seeing Him at work this week. One of my highlights has been the nightly prayer times after our daily debrief. This group is quick to praise God and pray to Him with almost everybody jumping in. I’ve walked away each night encouraged by what God is doing and excited for the rest of the week.

The Fold Day 1

Posted: June 11, 2018 by keystoneyouth in The Fold

We arrived at the Fold after a long day of travel last night at 8:00pm. We got situated in the house we are staying at (which is on the same property as the offices and school), and most of us went to bed pretty quickly. Although several decided it would be a good night to stay up until 2:00:) After breakfast and devotions this morning, we headed out for the day’s work. Part of the group spent the morning scraping and re-staining the deck at the house we are staying in, while the other part worked on replacing a window and clearing out some brush and weeds around the school.

It seems much busier around here then the other years that we have been here. The students are still in school (they have 7 currently). Several students graduated last weekend and several more graduate this coming weekend, so parents have been in and out over the past couple weekends as well.

After lunch, half of the group packed up and drove the boys home to mow the lawn. It was a group project since we only had push mowers and the property includes about two acres of area that needs to be mowed (this usually ends up being a weekly chore for the two boys who currently live in the boys home). The rest of the group continued to stain decks around the main property and work on the widow.  We finished off our day with pizza (made by Nicki, Caroline, and Mariah!), and lots of games throughout the evening.




Leaving Soon!

Posted: June 8, 2018 by keystoneyouth in The Fold
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The Fold team is packing, double checking that we didn’t forget our toothbrushes, and just about ready to head out for Vermont! We will be leaving this coming Sunday and driving 8 hours to Lyndonville, VT to serve with the Fold Family Ministries. We would love to have you pray for us and follow along with our trip all of next week. You can follow along here for daily updates and you can follow us on Instagram at keystoneyouth for daily pictures.

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The Fold Day 5

Posted: June 24, 2016 by keystoneyouth in The Fold

Overview of the Day:

  • Today was our last day here at the Fold.  Yesterday we took the day off from working and went to a local lake to swim and hike.  We also had a cookout with some of the Fold staff last evening.  We spent today digging out the rest of a 1,000 gallon oil tank and doing some painting and cleaning inside of the building.  This evening we spent some time talking about the week by sharing our highlights and what we think we will remember about this trip five years from now. I will remember two main things about this trip: 1) The team bonded really well and spent most of the trip together working, eating, and playing games.  It didn’t seem like people split up into groups to do their own thing, but rather stayed together and enjoyed being together. 2)  I will also remember that this team worked really well together throughout the days.  They didn’t jump from job to job or stop working when they got tired, but they stuck with jobs until they were finished.  Not only that, but they had a good time while they were working.  They talked, asked ridiculous “would you rather” 

    questions, and laughed during most of the work days.  I really enjoyed being a part of this team and I’m going to take home a lot of good memories from this trip.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Catching a groundhog in one of the groundhog traps that we set earlier today.  We watched the groundhog go into the trap and then cheered as the trap snapped shut on it:)
  • Sharing the things that we will remember from this trip and remembering all that’s happened this week.
  • Devotions with one of the staff this morning who shared her story of how she ended up here and how God has been incredibly faithful and good in her life.

Pictures of the Day:

The Fold Day 3

Posted: June 23, 2016 by keystoneyouth in The Fold

Overview of the Day:

  • Today we saw the turnaround of some of the demolition we’ve been doing so far.  We put drywall back on the wall that we tore through and rebuilt on Monday.  We also insulated the ceiling that we tore apart and reframed on Monday and Tuesday. A separate group spent the morning weeding and working on digging out an oil tank that needs to be removed.   It was a little bit of a frustrating day because it rained outside for half the day, which kept us all in close quarters inside for most of the afternoon.  We also had the tough task of putting up old insulation that was dusty, itchy, and easily fell apart.  The team worked hard throughout the day and did a great job of helping and encouraging each other. Our debrief time highlighted some of the positive things that people noticed in each other throughout the day.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Seeing the conference room starting to come together and look more like a real room.
  • Playing Signs and Mafia together after dinner.
  • Pam Fisher’s Cooking!  Pam has cooked every single meal so far and good food has been a major highlight for the team.

Pictures of the Day:

The Fold Day 2

Posted: June 21, 2016 by keystoneyouth in The Fold

From Guest Bloggers Kylie and Danae:)

Overview of the Day:

Even though the day was off to a rough start- it had rained overnight and our shoes where outside- the rest of the day went well! We started off by finishing cleaning up our mess from yesterday. Two of the girls also cleaned out the refrigerator. After that a group of people were appointed the important task of staining two decks and an outdoor staircase. While that group was staining another group worked on fixing floor joists.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Creating nicknames for each other.
  • Playing baseball with a crumbled water bottle and plank of wood.
  • Playing games and watching The Princess Bride.

Pictures of the Day:

The Fold Day 1

Posted: June 20, 2016 by keystoneyouth in The Fold


Overview of the Day:

  • After a 8 hour van ride, that lasted 12 hours because of stops for food, gas, and traffic, we arrived at the Fold last night around 8:30 last night.  The  house for volunteer teams is located beside an office building and the school building.  It sits on a hill and provides a beautiful lookout to some of the awesome mountains in Vermont.  One of the things that was commented on by the team today is how amazing the scenery is up here.
  • We started work this morning in the office building.  This is where we plan to be for the duration of our week.  The plan is to work on renovating the building in order to update it and create a conference space that will provide a meeting place for parents and staff when the parents visit.  Today was demolition and clean-up.  The guys spent the morning and early part of the afternoon tearing up particle board in the upstairs to get ready for a new floor, and then finished off the day by prepping the deck for staining.  The girls spent the whole day downstairs tearing out a couple walls and pulling down the drywall from the ceiling.  It was hot and dirty work, but the team worked great and managed to get a lot done on the first day.  We cooled off after work by spending some time at a local swimming hole that was very cold but felt great on a hot afternoon!

Three Highlights From the Day:

  • Seeing the team work well together and work hard without complaining.
  • Spending time debriefing and hearing what people have enjoyed along with what we can be thankful to God for from the trip so far.
  • Playing Cube (There’s a picture at the bottom) together after dinner this evening.

Pictures From the Day: