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Posted: January 23, 2019 by keystoneyouth in Death Row Lessons
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  • Refresh:
    • Kill Sin or It Will Kill You.
  • Sin is not like the creatures in BirdBox… that if you don’t see them they can’t harm you. It’s the exact opposite, until the blindfold is removed and you see sin for what it is, it will do the most harm to you.
  • That’s exactly what we want to do in this series… take off the blindfold and expose sin in our lives and then fight back against sin with the power Jesus gives us in the Holy Spirit.
  • Tonight, we start with pride.

Attention Funnel: Dumbest Guinness Book of World Record Records

  • Why do people spend time trying to achieve a Guinness World Record? To make a name for themselves.

Big Idea: We should spend our lives making much of God rather than making a name for ourselves. 

  • To look at pride, we are going to look at the story of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel.
  • Nebuchadnezzar is the absolute ruler of the world at this point in time (586 B.C.) He can pretty much command anything and it gets done (POWER). He can get pretty much anything he wants (WEALTH). Everyone in the world knows who he is and pays him respect (FAME).
    • Warning: With wealth, knowledge, power, and fame often comes pride.
  • The book of Daniel tells us about King Nebuchadnezzar because Daniel was one of the people from Israel that that he took captive when he raided and destroyed Jerusalem.

Main Points:

  • Pride is making a big deal of ourselves
  • Pride tries to steal what belongs to God.
  • Get your eyes off yourself and onto something better.


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  • We start a new series tonight called Letters to Myself. Here is the simple idea behind this series: I asked several youth workers, if you could go back to your middle/high school version of you, what would you say to yourself?
  • Work out more? Don’t ask Mary out on that date? Eat more Sourpatch kids?
  • No, I told them to share something that they wished they would have known or believed as a teenager. Something that they think would have changed how they live.
  • And so, I’m up first.

Attention Funnel:What is something that makes you happy? What is something you get excited about? I found something last week that made my day. Someone had the brilliant idea:

  • Show pictures of dogs about to catch a treat.

Big Idea: God wants you to be happy.

  • This is a truth that comes up again and again throughout the bible. From the times where God commands joy in the NT to the Psalms where people sign about the joy God gives them. (Psalm 16:11)
  • When I say that statement, “God wants you to be happy.” I wonder what you think. Do you brush it off because you’ve heard it before? Do you think that sounds too good to be true? Or do you think that sounds too self-centered? I probably would lean towards the last one.
  • But here is the deal… God knows the only thing or person that will make you truly deeply and forever happy is himself.

Main Points:

  • Only God can make you truly, deeply, and forever happy.
  • We can be content with what we have.
  • Knowing and obeying God leads to greater happiness.
  • Jesus gave up his life to make you happy.


The Whisperer

Posted: October 25, 2018 by keystoneyouth in Strange Encounters Lessons
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Attention Funnel: Life’s Biggest Let Downs

What do you know about Elijah?

  • He was a prophet, he was a man of great prayer (James 5:17-18), he saw God do great miracles, he was used by God to do great miracles, he was a wanted man during his time because he spoke for God.
  • Perhaps one of the things Elijah is most well-known for is his work on Mount Carmel.
  • It was a faceoff of Elijah against the prophets of Baal.
  • More importantly it was a faceoff of God vs. Baal. Baal was the idol people worshiped to provide them with rain and fertility, and yet it had not rained in the past 3 years.
  • Now Elijah was saying, it’s time to choose – either worship God or worship Baal. Let’s see who is really God.
    • You know what I despise… when people root for multiple teams in professional sports. You have to choose one and go with it. Either you are a Red Sox Fan or a Yankees Fan, an Eagles Fan or a Cowboys Fan, a Pequea Valley fan or an LMH fan. You can’t be both!
  • Elijah was fighting the same battle – either you love and worship God or you love and worship Baal.
  • And finally the day has come to see who is real. And here’s the crazy part… it’s not even close.
  • 450 prophets do everything they can (including harming themselves) in order to get Baal to do something. And nothing happens.
  • But Elijah simply prays for God to show up and God does! He sends down fire and burns up the sacrifice, the water, and the rocks it was on.
    • It’s an absolute route. If we’re keeping score its God – 100, Baal – 0.
  • Not only does this happen. But after this Elijah tells the people grab an umbrella because God’s about to make it rain. And it does!
  • So it should shock us 4 verses later we find Elijah sitting alone under a tree saying, “It is enough now, O LORD, take away my life.”
  • Elijah has just experienced the greatest example of God’s presence in his life… and several days later he is sitting alone asking God to kill him??
  • What happened??
  • Read 1 Kings 19:1-12


Big Idea: God is faithful, even when we don’t feel it.

  • There are times when God feels distant.
  • God defines our expectations of him.
  • God never abandons his children.
  •  Trust God’s Word above your experience.


Attention Funnel: Pet Peeves – Things that Make You Irrationally Angry

 Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 7.25.11 PMIntroduction:

  • There are certain passages in the Old Testament that people may point to in order to show a problem with God.
  • They are passages where we encounter God’s anger. On the surface, it might seem like God gets irrationally angry and does horrible things.
  • I want to take a look at a couple of these encounters tonight to see if that’s true, or to see if there’s something else they might be teaching us.

Big Idea: We don’t appreciate God’s grace until we appreciate His anger.

Main Points:

  • God’s anger is aimed at sin.
  • We assume God’s grace is ordinary.
  •  Jesus gets what we deserve, and we get what we don’t deserve.



Posted: November 17, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Incomparable
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  • Part of being human is that we are learners.
  • Each day we learn something new about our world and the people we share it with.
  • Learning something new at school, at a job, at home, about our best friend… those things should excite and exhilarate us.
  • God created and designed us to be learners. We pursue truth because all truth comes from God.
  • But this is also part of the way that we are different then God. God never learns anything new. In fact, God has never learned anything.
    • Isaiah 40:13-14

Big Idea: God has unlimited knowledge.

 Main Points

  • God knows all things.
  • God never forgets.
  • We must learn to be content with a limited knowledge.


To Infinity and Beyond

Posted: November 17, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Incomparable
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Series Introduction:

  • If you are a human, then you think thousands of thoughts throughout a day. And if you’re like me… those thoughts might be a little scattered.
    • At one moment thinking about what I need to do for my homework assignment, and the next moment wondering what Carson Wentz’s QB rating is.
  • It would probably be both fascinating and embarrassing if you could catalog all your thoughts for 24 hours and then go back through them all.
  • It would be interesting to see all the random thoughts, but also to see what I spent the most time thinking about throughout my day…
  • W. Tozer has said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”
  • Over the next couple weeks, I want to spend time thinking about God and who he is by looking at some of the ways that God is different than us… what people refer to as his incommunicable attributes.
  • Tonight, we start by looking at God’s infinite nature.

 Attention Funnel: Videos/Stories of Pushing the Limits


  • We love to push the limits of what is possible.
  • Whether that is going to Mars, performing a quadruple backflip, trying to stay up all night with friends, or seeing how far your car can go after the gas light comes on signally that your tank is empty.
    • Story of you coasting into a gas station.
  • But ultimately, we are all limited.
    • If we make it to Mars, we will be reminded that we have not made it to Jupiter, Saturn, and the other planets in our solar system.
    • No one will ever land a decuple backflip (10).
    • If you stay up all night, the next day is miserable.
    • The day we run out of gas… we are shamefully reminded that a gas tank on “E” is not unlimited.
  • However, one of the things we learn about God when we read the Bible is that he is not limited.
    • Which is another way of saying that He is infinite.

Passage: Isaiah 40:12-31

 Big Idea: The unlimited God created us to be limited humans.

 Main Points:

  • God has no limits.
  • We try to limit God.
  • God created the entire world AND us with limits.
  • We try to throw off the limits God places on us.


Fear Fight

Posted: October 6, 2016 by keystoneyouth in Peace In The Storm Lessons
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Attention Funnel: Name that Fear


  • One of my favorite stories of Jesus’ miracles is his calming of the storm.
  • Let’s read it and then I’ll tell you why it’s one of favorites.
  • Read Mark: 4:35-41
  • This story shows the disciples being afraid for their lives. Jesus is asleep in the boat and seems to care less about what is going on.
  • Isn’t this a good picture of how we feel sometimes in life…
    • “Jesus, I’m facing _____________ and you seem to not care at all. You seem to be asleep in the boat.”
  • The disciples desperately wake Jesus up and inform them that they are about to die. They are terrified, in over their heads, about to drink a stomach fool of the Sea of Galilee.
  • And Jesus stands up and speaks to the storm.
  • And then something wild happens… THE STORM LISTENS TO HIM!
  • Like a little child who has just been rebuked by his Dad for being out of control, the storm slumps in stillness as it obeys the Creator.
  • And then something interesting happens with the disciples. They don’t wipe their brows in relief. They don’t high five and fist pound each other in celebration.
  • No longer afraid of the storm… they are now fearful of the one who stands before them: the one who commands the wind, rain, and sea as if it were his servant.
  • In this story we see the disciples start with one fear and end with another. They no longer fear the wind, waves, and sea because they fear the one who has power over them.
  • Tonight I want to talk a little bit about fear… specifically the fear of other people (fear of man, people-pleasing, peer pressure, etc).
  • And I want us to walk away with this big idea:

 Big Idea: We fight fear with fear.

Main Points:

  • Everybody fears somebody.
  • The fear of man is a trap.
  • The more we fear God… the less we will fear people.
  • The bigger the fear, the better the gospel.