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Infection #5

Setting the Heat

Attention Funnel: Animal Videos of Animals acting different then we would expect.

  • These videos are odd or unique, because these animals are acting or behaving in a way that we don’t expect them too. Monkeys aren’t friends with dogs, hamsters don’t go out on valentines date. That’s not how they normally behave.
  • How do we know this? Because we know something of the culture of animals. Hamsters run on wheels and eat hamster food. Dogs chase cats. Deer run away from dogs, etc, etc.
  • These things stick out to us because they go against what we expect from the animal’s culture.


  • What is a culture?
  • This word can mean several different things. Perhaps one of the main things we think of when we hear this word is: the arts, food, dress, and language of a particular time and place.
    • ILL: I love the sights, smells, and tastes of the Spanish Culture. The way they dress, the music they listen too, and the food they eat is fascinating
  • For the sake of this lesson I want you to think of culture as:
    • the attitudes and behavior characteristic of particular social group
    • the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture.
    • I love the way that people live in Costa Rica. Time is not such a pressure. People are more hospitable and relational, and families are more tight-knit.

 Big Idea: Leaders influence the groups they belong too.

  • A thermostat, rather than a thermometer.
    • One simply reads the heat, the other reads and sets the heat.
    • We are in unique groups that we have the opportunity to shape and change, rather than just conforming.

Main Points:

  • We can create and change the culture we belong too.
  • The gospel should shape our culture.
  • Leaders don’t wait… they initiate.


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Infection Lesson #4: Models for Christ

 Attention Funnel: Who’s a better actor?


  • Actors are people who play a role that they aren’t actually in life. They act one way for a movie/tv show when in reality they are a completely different way
  • This is where the word hypocrite originated from: Greek stage actors were called hypocrites.
  • This word has changed down through the years to mean other things. Often the main thing we mean when we use the word hypocrite is someone who says or believes one thing and lives in a way that doesn’t line up with this.
  • Often people outside the church and Christianity state that one of their biggest problems with Christians is that they seem to be hypocrites.   They seem to say one thing and do another thing. They expect people to be flawless and perfect, when they themselves on perfect.
  • Now, to be clear… everybody is some way hypocritical. Everybody says certain things or expects certain things of other people that they don’t do themselves.
  • This being said, there is always a call to cut the gap between what we do and what we say.
  • This is especially true for people who desire to lead and influence other people – we should be models – giving an example of the things we believe and say.

Big Idea: We should set an example for other people to follow.

Main Scripture Passage: 1 Timothy 4:11-16

Other Passages: Phil 3:12-17

Main Points:

Your example opens the door to influence people (1 Timothy 4:11-16)

What you do confirms what you say (1 Timothy 4:11-16)

Hope: Progress is the goal… not perfection! (1 Timothy 4:11-16; Phil 3:12-17)


Upside-Down Kings

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Infection Lesson #2: “The Upside-Down Kings”

Attention Funnel: Optical Illusions.

Introduction: Talk about the upside down kingdom.

  • Being upside down is unnatural.
  • It seems strange and hard to get used to – Just as looking at these pictures upside down seems strange.
  • People have often referred to Jesus’ teaching on what it means to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus, a part of God’s kingdom as the “upside down kingdom.” It seems so strange and contrary to what we naturally feel and think that it almost seems like turning upside down and walking on our hands.
  • I want to look at a specific passage tonight where Jesus addressed with the disciples what it looks like to be a person of influence, a person of leadership – and see how this seems upside down. How in following Jesus we become upside down leaders – upside down kings.

Big Idea: A leader is a servant.

Main Points:

  • We all want to be great.
  • We influence other people by serving them.
  • We serve because Jesus first served us.


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Lesson #1: Infected

Attention Funnel: Show Kid President Video and Influence Video


  • Visual Illustration: Wrap your hand? Put a Mask on?
  • Infection can be a bad or a good thing
  • Infection often thought of as bad:
    • Pussing, yellow, spreading
    • Types: Infected cut, ear infection, bacterial infection
  • Infection can be good too:
    • Somebody who has an infectious smile, who is able to infect us with passion, joy,
  • This is similar to the influence that people have over one another.
  • People can be influenced in bad ways: to carry out awful crimes, to become greedy and selfish, to be mean and unjust, to pursue things that will leave us empty and unsatisfied, etc.
  • People can also be influenced in good ways. They can be influenced to work harder at school by a good teacher, they can be influenced to serve at a local homeless shelter, they can be influenced to change by giving up a bad habit (smoking) or picking up a good habit (running).
  • We all influence other people and we are all influenced by other people.
  • Not everyone is a Leader – not everyone can naturally direct other people or set vision or get other people to follow them, but everyone does have influence. We influence, friends, family (brothers and sisters), the people we work for, or have working for us. We all influence other people, and we all are influenced by other people.
  • Clarification: I am going to use the terms leader and follower throughout this series – as I use these terms you should be thinking – influence with these two terms – As you lead you influence – as you follow you are influenced.
  • This is how God has made it from the start. God created man and woman, and as early as the first sin in the garden, we see influence having a roll. Adam failing to step up and seek to influence his wife – Eve is influenced by the serpent, and Eve in turn influences Adam. We see this Joseph as he influences his slavemaster, jailer, Pharoah, and eventually all of Egypt. We see this with Moses, and Joshua after him. All the way through the Bible we see men and women influencing and being influenced.
  • God has given his followers a mission – it’s a mission that is constant throughout the entire Bible – be a blessing to other nations and peoples – and how we currently do that is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. All Christians have a role in this mission.
  • Christians: This series is meant to help us understand how we can better influence people towards Jesus Christ. It is also meant to help us evaluate who are some of the main people that are influencing us.
  • Non-Christians: If you say, I’m not a Christian, or I’m not sure if I am a Christian, I hope you can still feel welcome sitting and listening. I hope you can still gain from the principles we talk about (which I think you can). And I hope that you can see a little more clearly what it means to follow Jesus and what it looks like for Christians to point other people towards him.
  • The first lesson in this series is called “Infected”

Big Idea: A Leader is first a follower.

  • (Every Leader has already been infected by other people. Every person who influences others has been influenced by others)

This seems like a very obvious and basic principle. And it is. It’s important to recognize this and to understand that being a good leader – or being someone who influences other people well – means looking at who are we following. Who is having an influence on our lives and infecting them in some way.

Bible Passage: Luke 6:39-49

Main Points

Not everyone is worth following.

We are shaped by who we follow.

We cannot lead where we haven’t already followed. (more…)