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Upside Down Kingdom


  • Last week, we started looking at a portion of the sermon on the mount where Jesus talks about what it means to obey his commands. Our big idea was that following Jesus means obeying Jesus.
  • We mainly focused on the “why” behind our obedience.
  • In other words, since Christians are saved because of Jesus’ obedience, not our own efforts, why should we now obey? And the answer was, out of love for God.
    • We don’t obey in order to be accepted by God. We obey because we’ve already been accepted by God.
  • You could think of it in this way. Last month I bought Bri flowers. I did not buy those flowers because I’m hoping that my Bri would one day marry me in return because she sees what a great guy I am. If that was my reason for buying those flowers, I completely miss the fact that Bri already married me when she made her vowels to me. I bought her flowers as a way to express and demonstrate my love for her.
  • This week we’re going to continue the conversation on obedience by looking at the rest of Matthew 5. And our goal is to see what kind of obedience calls us to.

Big Idea: Following Jesus is anything but easy.


Upside Down Kingdom


Attention Funnel: State Law or Old Testament Law


  • The Bible is full of laws and commandments.
  • One of the struggles for a Christian is to know how to make sense of and respond to all these laws.
  • Should we just get rid of the Old Testament and all its commands since we have Jesus now?
  • Another way to put this is what’s the role of obedience? Should we try to obey God? If being a Christian depends on Jesus work, not our obedience, then why?
  • I’m not going to answer all these questions perfectly tonight, but as we look at the next part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, my goal is to help us see how Jesus would have us think about the Old Testament and whether we should obey the commandments in the Old Testament.

Big Idea: Following Jesus means obeying Jesus.

Read Matthew 5:17-20 (more…)


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Upside Down Kingdom

Attention Funnel: Pet Influencers

  • Instagram influencers hold a certain power over people.
  • What they wear, the products they recommend, where they travel, advice they give, and much more impacts the people follow them.
  • Tonight, I want to show you from the sermon on the mount that the world needs you to be an influencer.
    • Obviously, I’m using that term in a little bit different way. But what I mean by that is that your Christianity is not meant to be hidden away somewhere in a closet, but rather what you believe is meant to be put on display and to impact the lives of people around you.

Big Idea: The world needs you to be an influencer.


  • Last week we started a series on the Sermon on the Mount called Upside Down Kingdom.
  • I told you the title of the series points to a couple things… namely that as Christians we are called to follow Jesus as our King, obeying his commands and submitting our entire life to his rule.
  • And I said that what he calls us to may at times feel or look upside down compared to this world because of how different it is.
  • Last week we looked at Matthew 5:3-10. Tonight, we’ll look at Matthew 5:13-16

Passage: Matthew 5:13-16 (more…)

Upside Down Kingdom

Attention Funnel: Weird Things Only Lancaster County People Know/Say.

  • There are things that are true only of people who live in Lancaster County. They set us apart. They mark us off as a unique (or weird) people.
  • Just as there are things that mark off those who live in Lancaster county as different, the same is true of those who are Christians.
    • We don’t have weird towns, but sometimes we have weird churches.
    • We have words that no one else uses.
    • And most importantly our lives look different than those who are not Christians.
    • Sadly, all too often this is lost, and we end up looking exactly like everyone else.
    • Rather than being lights that stick out in the night, we become chameleons that blend in in order to be safe and comfortable.
  • Enter Jesus’ Sermon the Mount, found in Matthew 5-7.
  • In this Sermon, Jesus tells us what it means to follow him as a disciple, or what it looks like to live in his kingdom.
  • I want to say three things up front as way of introduction to the Sermon on the Mount and specifically what it teaches us about the Kingdom of God.
  • 1) The Kingdom of God refers to God’s rule and reign. Specifically in relationship to Jesus, it refers to people who have submitted to Jesus as their King and Lord. They take their instructions from him and give their lives in obedience to him.
  • This is a very important distinction to get from the start… you cannot look to Jesus as a Savior without also submitting to him as your King/Lord.
    • In other words you cannot say, “I like that Jesus offers me forgiveness, but I don’t like that he demands me to submit my entire life to him. So I’ll take his forgiveness, but I’ll keep living my life however I please.”
    • Jesus is not like building a burrito at Qdoba, where I say yes to the things I like and no to the things I don’t like.
    • Jesus is a king (the King of the Entire Universe), who gives up his life to forgive us, and then calls us to give up our lives to follow him.
    • Jesus is not like a politician who hopes that we will vote for him so that he can gain power. He is a ruling king who generously invites us into his family to enjoy an entirely new way of life.
    • In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is showing us how our lives should look different now that we are a part of his kingdom.
  • 2) And I’ve titled this series upside down kingdom, because life in Jesus’ kingdom often looks and feels so different that it disorients us at times.
    • When I traveled to Ireland 5 years ago, I had to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road from what I was used to. It felt very weird at first. Every time I pulled onto a new road I had to remind myself, this is different. In the mornings I would wake up and often walk out into the car and first open up the passenger’s door because I was so used to that being the driver’s side.
    • When we become Christian’s the life Jesus calls us to seems unnatural at first.
    • But what at first feels backwards, and what looks backwards to everyone else, will soon be found to be the way things were meant to be all along. The way God created us to be.
  • 3) We need to realize before we start, that the Sermon on the Mount is difficult. It will convict us and challenge us if we truly listen to it.
    • “As to ‘caring for’ the Sermon on the Mount, if ‘caring for’ here means ‘liking’ or enjoying, I suppose no one ‘cares for’ it. Who can like being knocked flat on his face by a sledgehammer? I can hardly imagine a more deadly spiritual condition than that of a man who can read that passage with tranquil pleasure. -C.S. Lewis
    • The Sermon on the Mount can and should feel like a sledgehammer at times. But God’s goal is not to use it to bruise us, but to transform us. He is like the home renovator who uses a sledgehammer to tear out the old so that he can replace it with new.
    • The Sermon will expose our need for Jesus, because we will see how far short we fall of his commands.
    • But the Sermon will also show us that by Jesus’ grace and the Holy Spirit living in us, we can really begin to live a life that embodies what Jesus teaches in here. 



Attention Funnel: My Most Anxious Moment Over the Summer

Big Idea: Trusting in God dismantles anxiety in our lives.

Main Points:

1.Anxiety changes nothing.

2.Trust in God’s provision and promises.

3.Our anxiety can reveal what we trust and value.

4.Reorient your priorities to God and His kingdom.

5.HOPE: Jesus took away our greatest reason to be anxious.

Read Matthew 6:25-34