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Posted: February 22, 2019 by keystoneyouth in Death Row Lessons
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Attention Funnel: Something with growing up or becoming an adult. “Growing up is hard.”

  • Learning to do household chores, learning to drive, learning to exercise, learning to make small talk, learning to shovel, learning a good golf swing


  • Tonight we turn to a sin that is less common in our vocabulary: Sloth
  • Perhaps the first thing you think when you hear the word sloth is (so picture of a sloth, Sloth from the Goonies, Patrick) or maybe you just think of someone who sits on the couch all day.

Big Idea: Sloth is refusing to do what is difficult.

Main Points:

  • Sloth lives for comfort.
  • Sloth resists obeying God.
  • Put your faith to work.


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Attention Funnel:Close Encounters with Animals

  • What’s the wildest encounter you have had with an animal?
  • There’s something about encountering a wild animal in which you are both drawn to try to get close and yet fearful of getting to close.

Series Introduction:

  • Throughout the Bible we see God show up in some unusual and extraordinary ways.
  • This is not to say that God is not always present and working in the world.
    • God does not show up in the world on Sundays and then catch an UBER back to Heaven until he comes back later in the week to pick up his weekly Chick-Fil-A.
    • God is always present and always working. Everything that happens, happens because of him.
  • But at certain times, God pulls back the curtain so that people get a clearer glimpse of who he is and what he’s doing.
    • This is where a Stranger Things comparison is fitting. In Stranger Things there is a parallel world called the upside down. Most people don’t even realize it’s there. And yet and certain times people get a glimpse into the upside down to see what’s really happening. The upside down was there all along, but it’s only when the curtain is pulled back that people actually see it.
    • Now this metaphor breaks down, because it’s not as if God lives in a parallel world where he is constantly trying to break into our world. He is as real, even more real, than the chair you are sitting on right now. But we don’t always see him clearly.
  • These encounters are not regular or often, but they reveal God clearer than ever for us to see.
  • Although our experience may look very different, we still have the opportunity to encounter God.
  • And what we learn from these strange encounters will hopefully make us hungrier to encounter God
  • Tonight, we start with Isaiah.

Big Idea: Encountering a Holy God will change us.

Main Points:

  • God is Holy because no one and nothing else is like Him.
  • Without God’s holiness, sin isn’t a big deal.
  • Without God’s holiness, His love is cheap.
  • Without God’s holiness, we are self-focused.


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Attention Funnel:

  • When was it invented? (Boys vs. Girls)
  • Technology often has the ability to either connect us as humans… or to isolate us from one another.
    • TV – I can find out what is happening around the world, but I can use it to avoid spending time with other people.
    • Video Games – I can play a game with people who are on the other side of the world – while also sitting in my room and ignoring my family.
    • Our phones can connect us with people all over the place, while ignoring the people right in front of us.

Big Idea: We can use technology to ignore one another.

 Main Points:

  • We can use technology to avoid one another.
  • We can ignore the humanity of other people.
  • Face-to-face is better then a screen.


Alone in the Garden

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 Attention Funnel: Superhero Bracket


  • Superheroes tend to walk confidently towards their greatest challenge. They are the picture of boldness, courage, and strength as the defeat the villain.
  • We would expect the same from the man we call our savior: Jesus.
    • Here is a man who told a paralyzed person to get up and walk and HE DID.
    • Here is a man who told demons to flee and they ran like little boys.
    • Here is a man who told a storm to stop and it obeyed like a pet dog.
    • Here is a man who healed lepers, walked on water, and gave sight to the blind.
    • Here is the man who told a dead man to get up out of his grave and the dead man LISTENENED.
  • And we do see this man walking boldly towards his greatest moment, the cross…
    • Mark 10:32-34
  • He is walking confidently to his death…until the Garden, the Night before his death.

Big Idea: Jesus willingly goes to the cross out of love.

Passage: Mark 14:32-42

  • Sorrow, distress, troubled, weak??? How can this be??
  • We see Jesus as strong, full of power, bold, courageous… and here is his on his knees on the verge of tears and sweating drops of blood.
  • Why include this picture of sorrow, despair, weakness, and stress of a man who the very authors claimed to be our Savior, King, and Lord.

Main Points:

  • Jesus suffered alone so that we would never to suffer alone.
  • Jesus understood the cross as a place of God’s wrath.
  • Jesus submitted to God’s will out of love.


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Big Idea: Being a part of God’s kingdom is a gift, not paycheck.

  • What is the difference between a gift and a paycheck?
  • A gift is freely given, a paycheck is earned.
  • Most kingdoms work based on the paycheck mentality.
  • If you do something for the king you are given something in return.
  • Example: You show your devotion to the king by giving him a gift, revealing a plot to kill him, or fighting for him in battle and in return you receive something – a position, a land, a new sword etc.
  • The kingdom of God does not work this way.


What is Justice? (Part 2)

Posted: March 17, 2015 by keystoneyouth in Justice Lessons
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Session 2: What is justice? (Part 2)

Attention Funnel: Surprise Endings/Twists.

 Introduction: Refresh from last week. Reintroduce Series.

  • We talked a little bit last week about how justice involves love for other people. But we want to key in on this more closely this week.
  • Last week we talked a little more about big picture justice. This week we want to narrow it down to a more personal level.
  • Last week we went hiking through the woods of Justice. This week we’re going to camp out at the center of what it means to do justice.

Big Idea: Doing justice means loving your neighbor.

To talk about this we are going to look at the parable of the Good Samaritan.


What is Justice? (Part 1)

Posted: March 10, 2015 by keystoneyouth in Justice Lessons
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Justice Lesson #1

What is Justice? Part 1

Attention Funnel: Justice Videos.

 Introduction To Series:

  • Amos 5:24 Is a very famous verse in the Bible. This verse says, “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”
  • In this whole chapter God speaking through Amos and telling Israel why he is sending them into Exile (Quick History Lesson – Israel was split up into two parts at this point – Israel, which was the north part of Modern-Day Israel and Judah which is the southern part of Modern-Day Israel. Assyria invaded and captured Israel and took the people into Exile – several hundred years later Babylon, the next power after Assyria, invaded Judah and took the people of Judah into Exile as well).
  • Amos says that they appear to be religious – they keep the feasts that God has commanded of them, they bring plenty of sacrifices, and they sign songs and make melodies to God with instruments, but God says he HATES these things. Why? Not because these are bad things for Israel, God has commanded them. But, because Israel practices outward religion towards God and yet they are unjust to their fellow humans.
  • Like if your ordered a hamburger at a Restaurant and they brought you out a perfect pun, with toppings stacked in the middle, but no burger. You would rightfully be upset – the burger is crucial – no matter how good the other parts of the sandwich look.
  • Israel has obeyed certain parts of God’s law, but failed to obey other parts of God’s law.

Vertical/ Horizontal Relationships:

  • Israel has tried to show that they have a relationship with God. They have read their Bibles, gone to church, given money to the church, and song worship songs to God. (Now we realize that none of this stuff has the power to make us right with God, but only faith).
  • But they have failed in relationship with other people (horizontal relationship). They have not show justice to fellow humans.
  • This series is going to talk a lot about horizontal relationships – humans to other humans – but it will inevitably talk about our relationship with God as well. Why? Because these two things are directly connected together
  • When Jesus asked someone what is written in the law, he rightly summarized it as “Love God and Love your neighbor (Luke 10:27).
  • A Graph – there is a vertical line and a horizontal line


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