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 Attention Funnel: Mashup Movie Trailers – Taking Pop Culture and Making More Pop Culture out of it.

Where are we going with this series?

  • Biblical Understanding of Culture
  • What’s in a Worldview
  • An Approach for Critiquing Culture
  • Movie Night
  • Movie Critique and Small Group Song Critiques


  • Why do a series on Pop Culture??
    • Because it’s influence is universal!
      • I would be willing to bet you all listened to music this week, watched a TV show or movie, or read part of a book.
    • Because our Faith should affect every nook and cranny of our lives.



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 Attention Funnel: Name that Judge (Gameshow in which Contestants compete to name the Judge)


  • Locate the Story
    • There are many movies that have capitalized on reliving the same moment over and over again.
    • Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray, was one of the first to follow this design.
    • In this movie, Bill Murray plays a character who finds that he is forced to live the same day over and over again as a weatherman covering the festivities at Groundhog Day.
    • More recently, Source Code starred Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who wakes up in someone else’s body on a train and has 8 minutes to locate a bomb and the bomber.
    • The idea in these movies is that the same cycle plays over and over again with small changes happening each time.
  • The book of Judges follows a similar concept… it is made up of a double prologue, main section, and double epilogue. The main section is basically a cycle that repeats itself 6 times.
    • The people disobey God by worshipping idols, they are oppressed and enslaved by surrounding nations, they cry out to God, God sends a deliver (a judge), the people have rest and peace, and the cycle starts all over again.
    • The book shows us how the people of Israel sink further and further into moral depravity and chaos as each cycle gets a little worse.
    • The Judges start with Othniel – a godly man and gifted leader and end with Samson – who is basically your drunk uncle with superhuman strength.
  • The book of Judges is mainly a book about God, his unfaithful people, and how he responds to their unfaithfulness.

Big Question: How will God respond to the idolatry of his people?

 Passage: Judges 2:11-19; Jeremiah 2:11-13; Psalm 115:4-8; Romans 12:1-2

Main Points:

  • Idolatry is to worship what does not deserve to be worshiped.
  • What we worship will control us.
  • God’s grace can be severe.
  • God delivers us so that we will worship him. 



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Attention Funnel: Is it in the Bible?


  • Locate the Story
  • The movie Room tells the story of a Mother and a little boy who are held in the captivity. The mother is held captive for 7 years, and the boy, who is 5 years old, has been born into captivity and lived that way his entire life.
    • The movie chronicles their daring escape from captivity and then goes on to show and tell the story of life outside of captivity.
    • How is Joy (the mother) supposed to respond to normal life after being captive for 7 years?
    • How is the Jack (the young boy) supposed to live in a world outside of the shed that is so unfamiliar?
    • While the escape from captivity is a high point in the movie… the story doesn’t end there. In many ways it is just beginning.
  • Leviticus is often seen as a boring book because it contains many laws and rituals that seem odd to us.
  • But Leviticus is part of the larger story… in some ways just the beginning of the Story.
  • For hundreds of years, the Israelites lived in Egypt as slaves.
  • The book of Exodus tells of their dramatic escape from captivity because of God’s intervention.
  • And then we turn the page and it is Leviticus… which seems more boring then solving equations in Algebra.
  • But, Leviticus is part of the bigger story. The people have been freed from captivity, they are now in the wilderness, God is living among them, and Leviticus is exploring how this relationship can be possible.
  • In some ways, Leviticus is like a DTR (Define-The-Relationship Talk). But instead of you and your boo trying to awkwardly figure out where you stand… in Leviticus, the Israelites are learning and understanding what it means to live in relationship with God.

Big Question: How can a holy God live with sinful people?

Passages: Leviticus 16:1-20; Mark 7:14-16; Hebrews 9:11-14; 2 Corinthians 5:21

Main Points:

  • God is dangerously good.
  • We all sense that we are unclean.
  • The only remedy for our sin is atonement.
  • God’s grace motivates holy living.


The Good Book

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Attention Funnel: Year-In-Review

 Series Introduction:

  • What is a SnapShot?
  • It’s a glimpse into a something. It doesn’t give us the full picture or experience, but it gives us a glimpse of it.
  • If I hike a mountain and reach the top of the mountain and take in a beautiful overlook… a picture can’t possibly do justice to the view, but a picture can be a starting point.
  • It can give a glimpse into the view. It can encourage others to take the hike and experience the view for themselves.
  • We can’t possibly do justice to a book of the Bible in one night, but we can get a glimpse into it… specifically looking at the main thing it says about God, about us, and how it fits into the larger story of the Bible.
  • That is what this series seeks to do.

 Lesson Introduction:

  • Tonight we aren’t looking at one book of the Bible, but rather we are looking at the whole book.
  • And I want us to ask and hopefully get at answering the question… Why is the Bible so important?
  • I’ll be up front with you… one of my main goals with this is to encourage you guys to spend time reading the Bible in 2017. I believe it is one of the most important things you could do in this upcoming year.
  • My goal tonight is not to make you feel guilty or ashamed for no reading the Bible… because I don’t believe guilt or shame are ever really good motivators to do something.
  • Rather my goal is that God would use tonight to make you want to read the Bible more.
  • I think at the core of why we don’t read the Bible is because we don’t really want to.
  • We know it is important, but we really want to do other things.
  • I hope that God uses tonight for myself and you guys to move us more in the direction of wanting to read the Bible.

 Big Question:  Why is the Bible so important?

 Main Points:

  • God Speaks to us through the Bible.
  • The Bible is a powerful book.
  • The Bible tells the true story of redemption.


Fully Submitted Sexuality

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 Attention Funnel: Jimmy Kimmel Video

 Big Idea: God commands us to express our sexuality according to His good rules.

 Main Points:

ALL people are created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-27)

God’s laws are for our good (1 Tim. 1:8-10)

The goal is a sexuality submitted to God (Lev. 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-11)

Your sexuality doesn’t have to be your identity (1 Cor. 6:9-11)

Hope: God’s grace is sufficient for today.  (more…)

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Q.W.A – Questions Worth Asking?

  • Attention Funnel: Questions You Should ask on a First Date Video; Hobbit Office Video
  • Introduction:
  • It’s Okay to Have Doubts – Whether we would say we are a Christian or not, we all wrestle with doubts about Christianity. Sometime those doubts can be very strong and seem overwhelming. The good news is that it’s okay to have doubts! Jesus own disciples had doubts!
  • Wrestle With Your Doubts
  • Christians live by faith, but not by blind faith
  • Doubt your Doubts – Everybody lives by faith in some way.
  • In this series, we are going to look at several doubts that we all tend to wrestle with at some point or another.
  • NOTE – We are just going to touch the surface on some of these issues – believing and overcoming doubt is often a lifelong journey.

How can we know the Bible is true?

  • Introduction: Tonight we are going to at a question that comes up almost immediately when we begin to think about whether or not Christianity is true – and that is How can we know the bible is true?
    • What Christians know about God, themselves, and what God has done in this world primarily comes from the Bible. We can know certain things about God and ourselves apart from the Bible, but the main claims of Christianity are only found in the Bible.


Why Should We Do Justice?

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 Attention Funnel: Dumbest Dares that people have ever accepted

  • I have done some stupid things myself because of dares… ranging from eating dog food to randomly going up to a girl and asking for her phone number (which I did not receive).
  • Why would anyone ever do any dare? It always involves something uncomfortable, or painful, or challenging. So Why do it?
  • Maybe it’s for recognition, maybe it’s for excitement, maybe its for money… there’s always some reason behind WHY we would accept a dare.
  • If my mom dared me to eat dog food or ask for a girl’s number in 7th grade, I probably would’ve said “No Way! That’s ridiculous.” But as soon as a peer asks me, it’s a different story. Then all the sudden I feel an obligation to accomplish the dare.
  • It provides a different motivation for me to accomplish that dare.
  • Motivation (the WHY question behind what we do or don’t do) effects what we do and how we do it.
  • This is why we will spend tonight looking at “Why we should do justice?”

Review: What is Justice?

  • Punishing wrongdoing
  • Caring for the weak and marginalized
  • Loving your neighbor (ALL OF THEM)

 Scripture Passages: Genesis 1:26-27; 1 Chronicles 29:11-14; Romans 3:24; James 2:14-17

 Big Idea: We should do justice because God has created and saved us.