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Leaving Soon!

Posted: June 8, 2018 by keystoneyouth in The Fold
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The Fold team is packing, double checking that we didn’t forget our toothbrushes, and just about ready to head out for Vermont! We will be leaving this coming Sunday and driving 8 hours to Lyndonville, VT to serve with the Fold Family Ministries. We would love to have you pray for us and follow along with our trip all of next week. You can follow along here for daily updates and you can follow us on Instagram at keystoneyouth for daily pictures.

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Attention Funnel: Game: Quickest response time… I give you relatively easy question and you respond by texting the answer along with your first name to 717-371-1885. Soda’s on the line.


  • Tonight we finally meet the whale…
  • The whale is almost as famous as Jonah.
  • We think of Jonah and the Whale like we think of David and Goliath, Zacheus and the Sycamore Tree, peanut butter and jelly, cereal and milk…you don’t have one without the other.
  • This is why the story of Jonah is soo famous… because everyone always talks about Jonah and the whale.
  • But as we’ll see tonight the whale only takes up 2 verses.
  • Instead of focusing on the Whale, I want to focus on Jonah inside the whale and then his trip to Ninevah… in both of these we will see people who are responding to God’s grace.

 Passage: Jonah 1:17-3:10

Big Idea: God’s grace demands a response.

Main Points:

  • God’s grace motivates us to seek him.
  • God’s grace draws us to repentance.
  • God’s grace leads us to be gracious towards other people.


How Can We Do Justice?

Posted: April 2, 2015 by keystoneyouth in Justice Lessons
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Attention Funnel

  • Austin Stone Justice Clip
  • Rubik’s Cube


  • The Bible is not a how-to manual on life. It’s a story the Story of God creating, man rebelling, God saving, and ultimately God restoring everything.
  • So with that in mind – I don’t want you to think that tonight is simply a how-to lesson. It fits into the broader context of the Story. Part of God saving and restoring everything is that he works through Christians to spread the message of salvation and to bring about restoration in a broken world, OR in other words to bring JUSTICE in this world.
  • ILL. Putting a puzzle together
  • Review Justice Series:
    • Justice is punishing wrongdoing/speaking up.
    • Justice is caring for those who are weak and marginalized – the outcast.
    • Justice is meeting people’s needs.
    • Justice is loving your neighbor – ALL of them.
    • We should do justice because God has created all people alike and has worked to saves us while we were poor, weak, and outcast.
  • Tonight is really going to have 5 basic points. Some of it is review, some of it is new. This is not a set in stone way of this is how you must do justice!! This is suggestion for how we can go about starting to care about justice in our world.
  • We are going to look at a passage out Acts. This passage tells us about one of the first problems that arose in the earlier church and it shows us how the disciples responded.
  • This passage gives us some basic principles for how we can go about doing justice.

Big Idea: Start doing justice where you are at.

 Scripture: Acts 6:1-7


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Lesson #1: Infected

Attention Funnel: Show Kid President Video and Influence Video


  • Visual Illustration: Wrap your hand? Put a Mask on?
  • Infection can be a bad or a good thing
  • Infection often thought of as bad:
    • Pussing, yellow, spreading
    • Types: Infected cut, ear infection, bacterial infection
  • Infection can be good too:
    • Somebody who has an infectious smile, who is able to infect us with passion, joy,
  • This is similar to the influence that people have over one another.
  • People can be influenced in bad ways: to carry out awful crimes, to become greedy and selfish, to be mean and unjust, to pursue things that will leave us empty and unsatisfied, etc.
  • People can also be influenced in good ways. They can be influenced to work harder at school by a good teacher, they can be influenced to serve at a local homeless shelter, they can be influenced to change by giving up a bad habit (smoking) or picking up a good habit (running).
  • We all influence other people and we are all influenced by other people.
  • Not everyone is a Leader – not everyone can naturally direct other people or set vision or get other people to follow them, but everyone does have influence. We influence, friends, family (brothers and sisters), the people we work for, or have working for us. We all influence other people, and we all are influenced by other people.
  • Clarification: I am going to use the terms leader and follower throughout this series – as I use these terms you should be thinking – influence with these two terms – As you lead you influence – as you follow you are influenced.
  • This is how God has made it from the start. God created man and woman, and as early as the first sin in the garden, we see influence having a roll. Adam failing to step up and seek to influence his wife – Eve is influenced by the serpent, and Eve in turn influences Adam. We see this Joseph as he influences his slavemaster, jailer, Pharoah, and eventually all of Egypt. We see this with Moses, and Joshua after him. All the way through the Bible we see men and women influencing and being influenced.
  • God has given his followers a mission – it’s a mission that is constant throughout the entire Bible – be a blessing to other nations and peoples – and how we currently do that is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. All Christians have a role in this mission.
  • Christians: This series is meant to help us understand how we can better influence people towards Jesus Christ. It is also meant to help us evaluate who are some of the main people that are influencing us.
  • Non-Christians: If you say, I’m not a Christian, or I’m not sure if I am a Christian, I hope you can still feel welcome sitting and listening. I hope you can still gain from the principles we talk about (which I think you can). And I hope that you can see a little more clearly what it means to follow Jesus and what it looks like for Christians to point other people towards him.
  • The first lesson in this series is called “Infected”

Big Idea: A Leader is first a follower.

  • (Every Leader has already been infected by other people. Every person who influences others has been influenced by others)

This seems like a very obvious and basic principle. And it is. It’s important to recognize this and to understand that being a good leader – or being someone who influences other people well – means looking at who are we following. Who is having an influence on our lives and infecting them in some way.

Bible Passage: Luke 6:39-49

Main Points

Not everyone is worth following.

We are shaped by who we follow.

We cannot lead where we haven’t already followed. (more…)

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Time Talents, and 20’s Lesson #3 – Money

Introduction: Which Costs More?


  • Amount of money does not determine your value
  • Money and possessions are not bad in and of themselves

Why talk about money to Youth? – You all have some amount of money (jobs, allowances, gifts, etc). – Many of you are beginning to think about what career/college path you will pursue – often money plays some sort of role in this decision. –Money is something you can’t avoid and we are called to understand money through the lens of what we say we believe.

Purpose: To show that money is a gift from God that can be used to enjoy this life and be a blessing to other people, and to caution students on how easy it is to turn money (and possessions) into an idol.

Big Idea: Money is a gift from God that can point us to God, reveal what we truly value, and be used to build God’s kingdom.

 Primary Passages – Matthew 6:19-24; 1 Timothy 6:17-19


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Greatest Hits—The Best of Keystone Youth Ministry

Week #6

5.11.14 & 5.14.14


Purpose:  Replay the essentials of Keystone Youth Ministry.


Week 6:  Mission-Minded—The Spirit-Led Life

  • Purpose:  Call this generation not to waste their life.
  • Main Points:

o   We are sent as missionaries like Jesus.

o   We are to light up this world with Gospel-Centered lives.

o   The temptation to miss the point of your life is great.

  • Hope:  A life spent magnifying Jesus is not wasted.


Mission MindedYoung Adult Greatest Hits

Young Adults Greatest Hits



Costa Rica Day 7:

Posted: July 26, 2012 by Brandon Fisher in Costa Rica Tour
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Costa Rica Day 7:


For the first time in my life, I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean.  Yes, it probably ruined every future beach experience, but it was worth it.  I really enjoy getting to experience new things—new foods, new sights, new people, new ways of doing things.  I love looking for things that are unique or different from what I’m used to.


Day 7 in Review by Evan, Hannah, and Hadassah

Posted: July 26, 2012 by Brandon Fisher in Costa Rica Tour
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Wednesday – Day Siete

Today we took the day to go relax and spend time at the beach. It was a great way to end our trip. On our way to the beach we were able to cross bridge and see multiple alligators. At the beach the weather was gorgeous and the water was very warm. While at the beach we decided to do a little exploring along the shore line. A little exploring turned into hours of expedition where we found wild life such as hermit crabs, snakes, and starfish. Hannah had the courage to put a live starfish in her mouth. Our feet were very sore from walking over jagged rocks to make it to the edge of the shoreline. During our expedition we collected many beautiful seashells and rocks. We were all exhausted by the time we got back but not too exhausted to enjoy our smorgasbord of leftovers. For dessert we got to enjoy donuts in celebration of Summer Gordley’s first birthday. We prayed for the Gordleys before they left and thanked God for their service here in Costa Rica. We are thankful for all the experiences we had here in Costa Rica and for all the people we were able to meet. God is definitely at work here. We miss you all and we will see you soon. 🙂

Evan, Hannah, and Hadassah

Costa Rica Day 6:

Posted: July 25, 2012 by Brandon Fisher in Costa Rica Tour
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Costa Rica Day 6:

Monday and Tuesday were back to back clones.  Our morning consisted of similiar work at The Villa, similar painting at John & Rebecca’s house, and similiar building bunk beds for the orphanage in the Gordley’s garage.  The only difference was the amount of work we accomplished.

Having Curt & Beth Ulrich on a mission trip is a youth pastor’s dream.  Beth is kind, helpful, considerate, organized, takes initiative, works great with girls, and is a blast to hang out with.  Curt is humble, patient, insightful, works great with the guys, and is gifted in manly carpenter/handiman skills. (I’m pretty sure he could push a nail through a board with his bare hands.)  I had a TON of fun working alongside them and laughing with them all week.  Keystone is blessed to have them serve for a week with their teens!

Our group has continued to bond and delve into our reflections on the experiences here.  Leaving the orphanage was an emotional time for a lot of us.  Though we didn’t invest more than a handful of hours over two days, we connected quicker and deeper than I anticipated.  I was heartbroken to have to say goodbye.  It wil be an experience that remains with our teens for a long time.

I wish more people could experience all we encountered this week.  I’m trying to help our group find ways to steward our trip beyond just this week and beyond just our group.  No doubt, things we saw have changed us.  We think, feel, and act differently because of this trip…at least right now anyway.  But what happens when we return?  And what about people who haven’t been able to see what we saw?  Can the trip still have the same kind of effect?

Stories are God’s way of stewarding experiences.  He gives certain people experiences help to teach lessons, change feelings, motitate to action; and those experiences can produce exponential fruit if the experience is accompanied by a great story.  Stories allow others to vicariously feel the weight of emotions evoked in our experiences.  Something in our heart resonates with stories in a way raw facts can’t.  There’s a reason Jesus taught in parables rather than Powerpoint.

Tonight we spent time training how to answer the question, “How was  your trip?”  Here are some unacceptable answers: “Fine.”  “Good.”  “It was fun.”  “I learned a lot about myself.”  I hate these answers.  They don’t say anything.  No one leaves that conversation affected by our trip.  It may be true, but it’s not helpful.  When that question is asked, I hope our group tells a story.  There are a lot.

I’m giving you permission to ask us to tell you a story.  But I’m also asking you to pray for our teens that they’d be able to tell a story that is worth hearing; one that can change the way you think, feel, and act toward God, Costa Rica, and a million other things.