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Taste and See Graphic 2

Attention Funnel:

  • What are some videos you’ve watched on youtube to help you know how to do something?
  • There are all sorts of instructional videos on YouTube.
    • How-to Tie a Tie, How to change your oil, How to Find a Veterinarian for your pet rabbit, How to make Bread, How to look hot at the beach, How to use email, How to get a date, How to take a Bath, How to eat wings, and many more.
    • Here are two of my favorite… Show: How to Adopt a Pet Pig and How to Grow a Mustache
  • There are all sorts of instructional videos on the internet… not just on youtube, but also classes from experts.
    • We have all sorts of Master Classes available online today. Samuel L. Jackson teaches an Acting Class. Gordon Ramsay teaches a Masterclass on Cooking. Steph Curry teaches a master class on Ball-Handling and Shooting.
  • Tonight we want to look at a passage where Jesus gives us a masterclass on prayer.
  • Last week we talked about the importance of reading the Bible to hear God’s voice.
    • I compared opening the Bible to meeting someone in a coffee shop. We are sitting down to get to know them and hear them talk.
    • This week we are talking about the flip side of that conversation… prayer.
    • At its most basic form, prayer is us talking to God.

Pathway: Talk to God because you have his ear.


The Whisperer

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Attention Funnel: Life’s Biggest Let Downs

What do you know about Elijah?

  • He was a prophet, he was a man of great prayer (James 5:17-18), he saw God do great miracles, he was used by God to do great miracles, he was a wanted man during his time because he spoke for God.
  • Perhaps one of the things Elijah is most well-known for is his work on Mount Carmel.
  • It was a faceoff of Elijah against the prophets of Baal.
  • More importantly it was a faceoff of God vs. Baal. Baal was the idol people worshiped to provide them with rain and fertility, and yet it had not rained in the past 3 years.
  • Now Elijah was saying, it’s time to choose – either worship God or worship Baal. Let’s see who is really God.
    • You know what I despise… when people root for multiple teams in professional sports. You have to choose one and go with it. Either you are a Red Sox Fan or a Yankees Fan, an Eagles Fan or a Cowboys Fan, a Pequea Valley fan or an LMH fan. You can’t be both!
  • Elijah was fighting the same battle – either you love and worship God or you love and worship Baal.
  • And finally the day has come to see who is real. And here’s the crazy part… it’s not even close.
  • 450 prophets do everything they can (including harming themselves) in order to get Baal to do something. And nothing happens.
  • But Elijah simply prays for God to show up and God does! He sends down fire and burns up the sacrifice, the water, and the rocks it was on.
    • It’s an absolute route. If we’re keeping score its God – 100, Baal – 0.
  • Not only does this happen. But after this Elijah tells the people grab an umbrella because God’s about to make it rain. And it does!
  • So it should shock us 4 verses later we find Elijah sitting alone under a tree saying, “It is enough now, O LORD, take away my life.”
  • Elijah has just experienced the greatest example of God’s presence in his life… and several days later he is sitting alone asking God to kill him??
  • What happened??
  • Read 1 Kings 19:1-12


Big Idea: God is faithful, even when we don’t feel it.

  • There are times when God feels distant.
  • God defines our expectations of him.
  • God never abandons his children.
  •  Trust God’s Word above your experience.



Attention Funnel: Youth Workers Then and Now; Video of Girl Every First Year of School


  • We love both change and consistency…
  • We love change.
    • We love that we are potty-trained
    • We love that we aren’t stuck in Junior High for the rest of our lives.
    • We love that we don’t have to eat the same food every single meal.
    • We love fresh starts – a new year, new relationship, new school or new job.
  • We also love consistency.
    • I love not waking up in different house every day.
    • I love that I can have coffee every morning.
    • I love that my keyboard doesn’t change every time I open my laptop.
    • I love that my paycheck is the same every two weeks.
  • One of the ways that God is different than us (and the entire world) is that he is unchanging (God is immutable).
    • Malachi 3:6; James 1:17

Big Idea: The unchanging God wants to use changing circumstances to change us.

 Main Points:

  • God alone is our rock and refuge.
  • God remains the same even as our circumstances change.
  • God wants to use our circumstances to change us.


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Attention Funnel: Social Media Anxiety/ Anxious Cat Memes 


  • All of us experience anxiety in this life.
  • Perhaps it is overthinking something we said.
  • Perhaps it is being afraid of being left out or made fun of.
  • Perhaps it is a worry about the future… either tomorrow or 5 years from now.
  • Anxiety can come and go… or it can stay.
  • Anxiety can be a mild disturbance, or it can be a debilitating pain.
  • I have experienced anxiety in being unable to fall asleep at night because my mind is so consumed by the future.
  • I have experienced anxiety in putting together a lesson and wondering whether it will completely miss the mark.
  • In wondering whether a mild pain in my lower body is the beginning of a kidney stone (MY WORST FEAR apart from snakesJ)
  • I have experienced anxiety for very dumb reasons and for more serious reasons.
  • As has everyone else in this room I’m sure.
  • I want to look at some things that Paul has to say about anxiety and how to combat it as a Christian.
  • But before we do I also simply want to recognize that sometimes anxiety is a much deeper issue. It may be caused by chemicals in our body that we don’t understand. It may be caused by past experiences that have scarred us and return again and again to haunt us.
  • I want to say two things to you if you find yourself in that type of anxiety now or in the future…
    • First of all, it’s okay. Don’t feel like you are damaged goods. Don’t feel like you have to hide and act as if everything is fine on the outside. It is okay to go through deep anxiety and or depression. We see some of the greatest characters in the Bible go through deep anxiety and depression – Elijah, David, and even Jesus himself as he prepared to take on the cross and God’s anger in our place.
    • Second of all, I want to encourage you to open up and look for help. No one is going to help you if they don’t know that anything is wrong. And there is nothing wrong or shameful about struggling with anxiety or pursuing counseling in this area. Your first and perhaps greatest step in battling against these things is to share what’s going on and begin to seek help.
  • Tonight, I want to look at some of the things that Paul has to say about anxiety and worry… and about it’s opposite contentment and joy… as we cover the final chapter in Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Setting the Stage:

  • Let’s remember the circumstances that Paul and the Philippians are in.
  • Paul is not all inclusive beach resort with free drinks and food at the snap of his fingers, reading the newest bestseller, while the sun darkens his six-pack of abs.
    • Paul is in prison, awaiting the trial that will determine whether he lives or dies.
  • The Philippians are not a church sitting alongside the ocean where everyone has beautiful beach house and six-figure salary jobs.
    • They are starting to be harassed and persecuted for their faith… and the future doesn’t look much better. Things are only getting worse for Christians in the Roman Empire
    • They are also not very well off. We read in 2 Corinthians that many of the churches in Macedonia (of which the Philippians belonged too) were in extreme poverty and yet remained generous.
  • Paul and the Philippians are not in anyone’s ideal circumstances… and yet this is where we find Paul’s words originated and directed too as he writes on anxiety and contentment.

Big Idea: We do battle against anxiety by looking to a loving God who is in control.

Main Points:

  • Fight anxiety with joy.
  • Fight anxiety with prayer.
  • Learn to be content in any and every circumstance.


How Can We Do Justice?

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Attention Funnel

  • Austin Stone Justice Clip
  • Rubik’s Cube


  • The Bible is not a how-to manual on life. It’s a story the Story of God creating, man rebelling, God saving, and ultimately God restoring everything.
  • So with that in mind – I don’t want you to think that tonight is simply a how-to lesson. It fits into the broader context of the Story. Part of God saving and restoring everything is that he works through Christians to spread the message of salvation and to bring about restoration in a broken world, OR in other words to bring JUSTICE in this world.
  • ILL. Putting a puzzle together
  • Review Justice Series:
    • Justice is punishing wrongdoing/speaking up.
    • Justice is caring for those who are weak and marginalized – the outcast.
    • Justice is meeting people’s needs.
    • Justice is loving your neighbor – ALL of them.
    • We should do justice because God has created all people alike and has worked to saves us while we were poor, weak, and outcast.
  • Tonight is really going to have 5 basic points. Some of it is review, some of it is new. This is not a set in stone way of this is how you must do justice!! This is suggestion for how we can go about starting to care about justice in our world.
  • We are going to look at a passage out Acts. This passage tells us about one of the first problems that arose in the earlier church and it shows us how the disciples responded.
  • This passage gives us some basic principles for how we can go about doing justice.

Big Idea: Start doing justice where you are at.

 Scripture: Acts 6:1-7


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Unchanging God

Review and Refresh: We are in the second week of a series on Exodus 1-4. Last week we looked at Exodus 1 and we saw that God is sovereign. He rules over everything that happens in this world – the good and the bad and we saw how we can trust God in the midst of bad things even if we don’t know why those things are happening because God will use suffering and bad for our good. And we also saw how God consistently raises up delivers in the Old Testament – in this case Shiphrah and Puah – to help deliver his people from oppression. That deliverance doesn’t always come when or how we expect it to and in fact it may never come in this life time for certain sufferings – but we have the confidence that God has sent his final deliverer to save us from sin and ultimately to save us from its effects when we die or he returns. Tonight we are going to look at another deliver that God raises up in the Old Testament. Moses

Opening Activity: Three different previews from Moses’ life – Common theme – The story of Moses is mainly about Moses

Introduction: The story of Moses and the Exodus is an amazing story.. but it’s not a story primarily about Moses even though he is the main human character. It is a story primarily about God and who he is.

Purpose: To look at how God reveals himself in the first four chapters of Exodus. To show that God is far greater than our minds can comprehend and to combat the desire that we have to fit God into a neat box.

Big Idea: God does not change in who he is, his purposes for us, and his promises to us.

Main Points:

God is a God who saves

God is unchanging in his purposes and plans for us… even when we fail.

Prayer moves an unchanging God to change things


Keystone Youth MinistryScreen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.12.26 PM

Greatest Hits—The Best of Keystone Youth Ministry

Week #5

5.4.14 & 5.7.14


Purpose:  Replay the essentials of Keystone Youth Ministry.


Week 4:  Father’s Love—A Relationship through Prayer

  • Purpose:  Align our needs with our Father’s desires.
  • Main Points:

o   God is our Father.

o   God invites us to pester him.

o   God gives all we need for life and love.

  • Hope:  Our Father gives good gifts to his children.


Next Generation Prayer Night

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Last night we hosted a prayer night for our Junior High, Senior High, and Young Adults.  We set up 13 different prayer stations in our auditorium.  Here is a pdf of all the stations.  I loved it!

Prayer Night Instructions & Verses

Legacy Lesson #4

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Keystone Youth MinistryLegacy Poster

Legacy:  Connecting Our Work to God’s Work

Week #:  Facing Criticism Like Jesus

10.6.13 & 10.9.13


Purpose:  Connect our work with God’s work.


Big Idea:  Prayer connects us with God.


Main Points:

  • Nehemiah prayed frequently.
  • Nehemiah prayed short prayers and long prayers.
  • Nehemiah prayed with others.


Costa Rica Prayer Update–7.22.12

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Costa Rica Prayer Update—7.22.12