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Attention Funnel: Odd Dating Websites; 1980s Video Dating

Big Idea: Dating should always be pointed towards marriage.

  • Dating is a cultural thing… If I would’ve asked someone 100 years ago if they were dating anyone they probably would’ve looked at me like I was talking a foreign language.
    • It’s like giving a diamond ring to signify an engagement… it’s a cultural thing that could shift and change. One of my friend’s Dad gave his future wife a sowing machine to seal their engagement J.
  • Dating, at it’s best, is our culture’s way of moving from friends into marriage. I realize that this is not always the case… that now dating has come to mean many things… but when I refer to dating I mean the way that we move from being friends into marriage.
  • Other ways include courtship and arrange marriages.

Passages: 1 Corinthians 7:8-9; Proverbs 11:22; 31:10-30; 2 Corinthians 6:14; Song of Solomon 1:3; 1 Timothy 5:1-2; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 

Main Points:

  • Date to find a spouse, not a good time.
  • Move beyond attraction quickly.
  • How you treat the people that you date MATTERS.
  • Hope: Jesus heals broken people.


Let’s Be Clear

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Attention Funnel: Top 15 Odd Warning Signs


  • Last week we talked about marriage. And we just shortly mentioned sex in that lesson. I said that marriage is the only safe place for sex because it the only relationship that is protected by a covenant.
  • This week we’re going talk more about sex. I want to be clear about the dangers and the foolishness of sex outside of marriage while at the same time celebrating sex within marriage and putting it in it’s proper place.
  • We are going to look first at a passage from Proverbs tonight that actually does this exact thing.
  • Much of Proverbs is a book written from the perspective of a father to a son (but we could also include daughter in there). It is not just meant to be for men but also for women.
  • The son seems to be just on the verge of adulthood. Some commentators think the son is in his mid to late teens.
  • The father is talking to this teenage son (and daughter) and he is encouraging him to pursue wisdom and turn away from foolishness.
  • He’s offering two paths of life – wisdom or foolishness, good or false good.
  • In Proverbs 5, the father is addressing the issue of sex..
  • The Father warns us about the foolishness of sex outside of marriage while highlighting the wisdom that confines sex to within marriage and celebrates the gift that it is.

Big Idea: Sex is a good gift from God.

Passage: Proverbs 5; John 4:10-18; Isaiah 1:18

Main Points:

  • Sex outside of marriage is dressed in lies and followed by consequences.
  • Sex within marriage should be celebrated and enjoyed.
  • Sex is good, but sex is not God.
  • Hope: In Christ, there are NO damaged goods.


Beautiful Mystery

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Attention Funnel: Would You Rather… 10 Years From Now

Series Introduction:

  • Why Fusion?
    • Fusion is the thing that happens when two objects come together to form a new object. In chemistry it’s when two nuclei are rammed into each other to form a brand new nuclei. This is a great description of marriage and of what sex is meant to confirm.
    • I also titled this fusion because I’m often going to use the metaphor of electricity throughout this series. When I think fusion I think of two wires that are fused together so that electricity can pass through them.   Ultimately I hope that you’ll see that sex, like electricity is a wonderful thing, but when it is used improperly it can be damaging, destructive, and deadly.
  • What’s coming up?
    • Week 1 – Marriage, Week 2 – Sex, Week 3 – Dating, Week 4 – Pornography, Week 5 – Homosexuality, Week 6 – Singleness, Week 7 – Panel (Sr. High Only)

 Lesson Introduction:

  • Why talk to Senior Highers and Junior Highers about marriage?
  • Two Reasons:
    • 1) Many of you will probably get married someday – and I want to even now start preparing you for that.
    • 2) Because marriage needs to be the proper framework through which we view everything else in this series. In order to understand sex, dating, singleness, and the distortions of sex that we are going to look at. We need to first understand what the Bible says about marriage.

 Big Idea: God created and designed marriage for one man and one woman.

  • This is what we see clearly in Genesis 2:24.
  • God creates marriage and makes it clear that it’s meant for one man and one woman.
  • This is also what Jesus affirms about marriage when he comes.
  • Some people are asking him about divorce and he points them back to Genesis… marriage is for one man and one woman.
  • Some people want to say that Jesus didn’t speak clearly about marriage. That’s false. Jesus clearly affirms that marriage is created by God and meant for one man and one woman.
  • And we also see in both of these passages that the husband and wife will hold fast to one another and become one flesh.

Main Points:

  • Marriage is the closest human relationship that exists.
  • Marriage is a covenant, NOT a contract.
  • Marriage is a window into something much greater!

Passage: Genesis 2:18-25; Matthew 19:4-6; Ephesians 5:22-23, 25, 31-32; Revelation 19:6-8


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Five Shades of Gray—Biblical Wisdom & Culture’s Blurred Lines

Week #3

3.2.14 & 3.5.14


Purpose:  Apply the truth of the gospel to areas of life where the Bible doesn’t speak or the world doesn’t listen.


Week 3:  Dating Gone Wild—Hooking Up, Shacking Up, & Breaking Up

  • Date:  3.2.14 & 3.5.14
  • Purpose:  Redefine the purpose of dating & marriage.
  • Main Points:
    • Dating has a sordid history.
    • Dating is to find a good spouse, not a good time.
    • Marriage is a commitment to give love, not take love.
  • Hope:  Jesus’ love gives us all we need for marriage or singleness.