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Attention Funnel: Greatest Enemies/Rivalries


  • We started a series last week called Faith Inspection. We said that in this series we want to take a closer look at some of the common questions/objections surrounding faith.
  • Tonight, I want to look at the Question: Doesn’t Science disprove Christianity?
  • At the core of this question is the idea that Science and Faith are rivals and enemies. Either you are a scientific person dealing with facts and evidence or you are a person of faith dealing with beliefs and old holy books.
  • I believe this is a false disagreement that has been painted.
  • My goal tonight is to point out that Christianity and science should go hand-in-hand and that what we believe is based on good evidence.

 Big Idea: Christians have good reasons for what we believe.

Main Points:

  • Christianity and science aren’t enemies.
  • The existence of God makes more sense of the facts.
  • There is evidence that Christianity is true.


Apologetics Lesson #4

Posted: March 5, 2012 by Brandon Fisher in Apologetics Lessons
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Lesson #4



Main Points:

  • The Bible is not a science textbook that explains the process of how everything happens.
  • Truths correctly discovered through science and truths correctly interpreted from the Bible are not in conflict.
  • Science cannot answer certain questions because it based on a premise that everything can be explained through natural causes.