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Attention Funnel: Food-Eating Contests


  • Often in this life we take good things and we end up misusing them.
  • We hope to get more out of them then what they really offer.
  • Rather than accepting the good things for what they are, we take them and try to make them what gives us life, purpose, meaning, and satisfaction.
    • Rather than accepting Hot Dogs as a thing to be enjoyed, people take them and try to eat as many as they can in order to win a prize,
  • One of the ways we do this as humans is that we take pleasure and make it the end all of life.
  • Solomon is going to test this way of life out for us… he’s going to put pleasure to the test, to see if it can give him the meaning and satisfaction in life that he craves for.
  • And spoiler alert, He is going to find that it comes up empty.

Big Idea: Pleasure is a good gift from God.

 Passage: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11; 2:24-26

 Main Points:

  • Pleasure is not the problem
  • Pleasure unhinged from God is the problem.
  • Enjoy pleasure as a gift from God.


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Time Talents, and 20’s Lesson #3 – Money

Introduction: Which Costs More?


  • Amount of money does not determine your value
  • Money and possessions are not bad in and of themselves

Why talk about money to Youth? – You all have some amount of money (jobs, allowances, gifts, etc). – Many of you are beginning to think about what career/college path you will pursue – often money plays some sort of role in this decision. –Money is something you can’t avoid and we are called to understand money through the lens of what we say we believe.

Purpose: To show that money is a gift from God that can be used to enjoy this life and be a blessing to other people, and to caution students on how easy it is to turn money (and possessions) into an idol.

Big Idea: Money is a gift from God that can point us to God, reveal what we truly value, and be used to build God’s kingdom.

 Primary Passages – Matthew 6:19-24; 1 Timothy 6:17-19