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To Infinity and Beyond

Posted: November 17, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Incomparable
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Series Introduction:

  • If you are a human, then you think thousands of thoughts throughout a day. And if you’re like me… those thoughts might be a little scattered.
    • At one moment thinking about what I need to do for my homework assignment, and the next moment wondering what Carson Wentz’s QB rating is.
  • It would probably be both fascinating and embarrassing if you could catalog all your thoughts for 24 hours and then go back through them all.
  • It would be interesting to see all the random thoughts, but also to see what I spent the most time thinking about throughout my day…
  • W. Tozer has said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”
  • Over the next couple weeks, I want to spend time thinking about God and who he is by looking at some of the ways that God is different than us… what people refer to as his incommunicable attributes.
  • Tonight, we start by looking at God’s infinite nature.

 Attention Funnel: Videos/Stories of Pushing the Limits


  • We love to push the limits of what is possible.
  • Whether that is going to Mars, performing a quadruple backflip, trying to stay up all night with friends, or seeing how far your car can go after the gas light comes on signally that your tank is empty.
    • Story of you coasting into a gas station.
  • But ultimately, we are all limited.
    • If we make it to Mars, we will be reminded that we have not made it to Jupiter, Saturn, and the other planets in our solar system.
    • No one will ever land a decuple backflip (10).
    • If you stay up all night, the next day is miserable.
    • The day we run out of gas… we are shamefully reminded that a gas tank on “E” is not unlimited.
  • However, one of the things we learn about God when we read the Bible is that he is not limited.
    • Which is another way of saying that He is infinite.

Passage: Isaiah 40:12-31

 Big Idea: The unlimited God created us to be limited humans.

 Main Points:

  • God has no limits.
  • We try to limit God.
  • God created the entire world AND us with limits.
  • We try to throw off the limits God places on us.