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Attention Funnel:Close Encounters with Animals

  • What’s the wildest encounter you have had with an animal?
  • There’s something about encountering a wild animal in which you are both drawn to try to get close and yet fearful of getting to close.

Series Introduction:

  • Throughout the Bible we see God show up in some unusual and extraordinary ways.
  • This is not to say that God is not always present and working in the world.
    • God does not show up in the world on Sundays and then catch an UBER back to Heaven until he comes back later in the week to pick up his weekly Chick-Fil-A.
    • God is always present and always working. Everything that happens, happens because of him.
  • But at certain times, God pulls back the curtain so that people get a clearer glimpse of who he is and what he’s doing.
    • This is where a Stranger Things comparison is fitting. In Stranger Things there is a parallel world called the upside down. Most people don’t even realize it’s there. And yet and certain times people get a glimpse into the upside down to see what’s really happening. The upside down was there all along, but it’s only when the curtain is pulled back that people actually see it.
    • Now this metaphor breaks down, because it’s not as if God lives in a parallel world where he is constantly trying to break into our world. He is as real, even more real, than the chair you are sitting on right now. But we don’t always see him clearly.
  • These encounters are not regular or often, but they reveal God clearer than ever for us to see.
  • Although our experience may look very different, we still have the opportunity to encounter God.
  • And what we learn from these strange encounters will hopefully make us hungrier to encounter God
  • Tonight, we start with Isaiah.

Big Idea: Encountering a Holy God will change us.

Main Points:

  • God is Holy because no one and nothing else is like Him.
  • Without God’s holiness, sin isn’t a big deal.
  • Without God’s holiness, His love is cheap.
  • Without God’s holiness, we are self-focused.



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Attention Funnel: Is it in the Bible?


  • Locate the Story
  • The movie Room tells the story of a Mother and a little boy who are held in the captivity. The mother is held captive for 7 years, and the boy, who is 5 years old, has been born into captivity and lived that way his entire life.
    • The movie chronicles their daring escape from captivity and then goes on to show and tell the story of life outside of captivity.
    • How is Joy (the mother) supposed to respond to normal life after being captive for 7 years?
    • How is the Jack (the young boy) supposed to live in a world outside of the shed that is so unfamiliar?
    • While the escape from captivity is a high point in the movie… the story doesn’t end there. In many ways it is just beginning.
  • Leviticus is often seen as a boring book because it contains many laws and rituals that seem odd to us.
  • But Leviticus is part of the larger story… in some ways just the beginning of the Story.
  • For hundreds of years, the Israelites lived in Egypt as slaves.
  • The book of Exodus tells of their dramatic escape from captivity because of God’s intervention.
  • And then we turn the page and it is Leviticus… which seems more boring then solving equations in Algebra.
  • But, Leviticus is part of the bigger story. The people have been freed from captivity, they are now in the wilderness, God is living among them, and Leviticus is exploring how this relationship can be possible.
  • In some ways, Leviticus is like a DTR (Define-The-Relationship Talk). But instead of you and your boo trying to awkwardly figure out where you stand… in Leviticus, the Israelites are learning and understanding what it means to live in relationship with God.

Big Question: How can a holy God live with sinful people?

Passages: Leviticus 16:1-20; Mark 7:14-16; Hebrews 9:11-14; 2 Corinthians 5:21

Main Points:

  • God is dangerously good.
  • We all sense that we are unclean.
  • The only remedy for our sin is atonement.
  • God’s grace motivates holy living.


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An Unexpected Meeting

Opening Activity: Dancing Videos from Thanksgiving


  • We are in a series titled “Out of the Box and Into the Fire.” In this series we are looking at the beginning of Exodus. The series is titled as such because the primary event of the part of Exodus that we are looking at is Moses encounter at the burning bush. I also gave the series this title for two other reasons: #1 We can’t control God and #2 God is in many respects mysterious to us.
  • Two weeks ago we looked at Exodus chapter 1 and talked about how God rules over the good and the bad. We talked specifically about God’s sovereignty and how even though we may not always know why things happen in our life, we can know who is allowing those things to happen and can trust him in the midst of any of life’s circumstances.
  • Last week we looked at Exodus chapter 2 and talked about how God is unchanging in who he is, his plans and purposes for us, and his promises to us. We looked at how Moses’ failure does not cause God to cast him aside and look for a new person to work through and we ended by talking about how prayer moves on unchanging God to change things.
  • This week we come to one of the most well-known parts of the Bible – the account of Moses and the burning bush. In this account we see how God still plans to use Moses to save the Israelites and his purpose for Moses is simply that Moses will obey and trust God. We also see how God is responding to the prayers of the Israelites. Since we have already covered these parts of the story in the previous weeks, we will look new character of God this passage reveals: His holiness

Purpose: To look at how God reveals himself in the first four chapters of Exodus. To show that God is far greater than our minds can comprehend and to combat the desire that we have to fit God into a neat box.

Big Idea: Encountering God alters our lives.

Main Points:

  • The mundane parts of our lives are not wasted
  • God is separate from this world… and yet he acts in this world
  • Encountering a holy God changes us

Read Exodus 3:1-10 (more…)