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This morning we woke up to the heavenly smell of banana pancakes made by Doug and Evan. With full stomachs we walked to a nearby bus station; churchbound. While at the Costa Rican church we were able to spot many similarities and differences between their service and the services back home.



  • The interaction between church members consisted of the same friendly, community centered fellowship that we are used to at Keystone.
  • There was a separate service for the kids where they sang and learned bible stories.



  • The service was 3 hours long with a break in the middle for food and fellowship.
  • Every song, message, and prayer was in Spanish.
  • The church was very small and everyone was close friends from the same community.
  • Everyone in the church greets one another with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek
  • The pastor asked people to pray during the service.


After the long service, we took another bus into downtown San Jose. We were hoping on going to the market but unfortunately found out that they were closed on Sundays. So, we walked around and found a restaurant called “Chicken Planet” to eat. We took a few minutes to tour around downtown and then headed back “home” at the CAM house. We enjoyed a quick meal of mini pizzas and then walked to the English speaking church in Guadalupe. At the church we met a missionary team that was also from Lancaster. At the end of the day, we met as a group to debrief and talk about our time in Costa Rica so far. We have learned a lot about ourselves as a group and lasting relationships have been built. Please pray that God will continue to show himself throughout the next few days. We find ourselves at the midpoint of our week and we have already witnessed so many of God’s fingerprints.


~Lindsay, Kelly, and team J

Global Christianity

Lesson #2

March 25, 2012

Main Points:

  • The gospel of Jesus needs to be shared with everyone, whose who will embrace you AND those who will harm you.
  • Our pattern was set by Jesus who was sent to save people who would despise him and harm him.
  • God is pleased with our endurance during persecution and faithful to bless those who suffer.


Global Christianity and the Persecuted Church

Lesson #1


Main Points:

  • Christianity is meant for all people around the world.
  • The early spread of Christianity is partly credited to the early persecution of Christians.
  • In spite of current opposition, the church continues to grow.