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Friendship In the Trenches

Posted: November 17, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Friends
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Attention Funnel: Friendship Battles (With Dental Mouth Openers)


  • Over the past two years… two horror stories have captivated audiences. Do you know what they are? You probably have heard of or seen both of them… Stranger Things and IT.
  • What do they have in common? The stories, while about fighting against evil forces, are really about friendship.
  • They either involve a group of friends growing closer as the fight together. Or a group that becomes friends as they fight together.
  • I bet if we would step back and think about the movies and stories that we love… many of them would involve this same concept.
    • Friends who are willing to stand side by side and fight together.
  • Luckily for us… we don’t have some alien running around our town.
  • Thank goodness for us… we don’t have some deranged clown living in our sewer system.
  • But it still remains true that friendships grow when we fight together.

Big Idea: Friendships grow deeper when you’re willing to fight for one another.



Posted: November 17, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Friends
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Attention Funnel:

  • Best Friends Challenge

 Weekend Introduction:

  • I’m guessing most of you had one question before you signed up for the retreat… a question you either asked yourself or asked other people… “Who else is going?” OR “Are you going?”
  • It’s a question we almost always ask before going somewhere or committing to something.
  • Why? Because we want to know if our friends are going to be there or not. We realize that something is only as fun as the people who we get to share it with.
  • You go on a retreat… because your friends will be there. You go to someone else’s house because that’s where your friends are hanging out… you go to the movies because your friends are also going, you go out to eat because your friends are going out to eat.
    • When I was in high school there was a diner called Jenny’s that was a popular hangout. Which is very odd looking back…Because Jenny’s really wasn’t special at all. The service was usually grumpy, the food wasn’t very good, and there were almost always at least two truckers in the vicinity who look like they may have killed someone in the previous 24 hours.  But going to Jenny’s was great!  Why? Because that’s where my friends were.
    • Every great sitcom has a place like this…. Friends had the Central Perk, Seinfeld had Tom’s Restaurant, Parks and Rec has JJ’s Diner.
  • Friendship is the part of our lives that can make good things better (like a wonderful movie) and bad things really enjoyable (like a crappy diner).
  • We are designed to live life in friendships.
    • We were not made to be alone.
    • Into the Wild tells the story of a guy who separates himself from all human companionship and it ends up destroying him… he realizes how much he needs the companionship of other people.
    • The God who made us is a relational God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    • And he created us to be relational beings… both with him and with one another.
    • Friendship runs in our DNA.
  • This weekend I want us to get a better picture of what our friendships should look like, who we should be as friends, who we should be friends with, and how we can make an effort to grow closer in the friendships we have.

Attention Funnel: Historical Best Friend Pictures/ Celebrity BFF’s

  • All throughout history the BFF has existed – a friend who is by your side forever.
  • It’s the type of friendship we all really want (whether we call it a BFF or not)
  • But are the components that make for a friendship like this. How can we find, make, and keep this type of friends? To answer some of these questions I want to look at a pair of Best Friends in the Bible… Jonathan and David.

Big Idea: The best friendships are biblical friendships.