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Independence Day

Posted: December 20, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Incomparable
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  • When I was in middle school, several friends and I had the best fort that any middle schooler could ask for.
    • It was a fort that could only be accessed by fourwheelers…
    • It had a recliner chair, bunk beds, a creek out back that we put our mountain dew in to cool, and a fireplace to have all our great late night discussions around.
    • We loved to go spend the night at this fort. We would make fires, cook hot dogs, drink Mountain Dew until our teeth hurt, and talk about what we would do if a murder on the run from the cops broke into our fort while we were sleeping. The answer of course was a roundhouse kick to the face and then threaten him with our swiss army pocket knives.
  • Why did we love this fort so much? Because it represented independence.  It represented that we could survive on our own apart from our parents.
  • In many ways, this is the same thing that drives people to live off the grid. They want independence. They want to be free of needing other people to help them survive. They want to be self-sufficient.
  • The past couple weeks we have been exploring ways that God is different than us…
  • Tonight we want to continue that journey by looking at the fact that God is self-sufficient. He doesn’t need anything or anyone. He is utterly perfect on his own.
  • We see this in several places throughout the Bible, starting with the Isaiah 40 passage that we have been in.
  • Isaiah 40:28-31

 Big Idea: The God who needs nothing created us to need him.

 Main Points:

  • God doesn’t need anything.
  • We don’t want to need God.
  • Weakness is the new strength. 


Mixed Messages #1: Freedom

Posted: January 21, 2016 by keystoneyouth in Mixed Messages
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Series Introduction:

  • There are certain ideas that we seem to naturally believe.
  • They are messages that we have been submerged in whether we realize it or not.
  • They are things that we have heard over and over again and have come to accept as true.
  • But often these things are not true. Often these messages turn out to be false, and maybe even destructive.
  • Over the next three couple weeks I want to look at several of these ideas that I think we tend to believe and live according to that aren’t true. We are going to look at freedom, purpose, and beauty.

Lesson Introduction:

  • We’ll talk about the first one tonight: Freedom.
  • Mixed Message: Freedom means doing whatever you want to. Throw off anything that holds you back and do whatever feels right.
  • The idea is that freedom means you are your own master. You are only free when you are able to do whatever you want, whenever you want to.
  • And don’t let anyone look down on you who tell you that you should be different.
  • The only person you should really listen too is YOU!
  • The more that you let other people tell you what to do, who to be, or how to live, the less free you will be, and therefore the more unhappy you will be.
  • Picture Elsa in Frozen. When she is forced to hold in who she is and has to wear gloves around everywhere she is miserable, but when she is able to let it all out, “Let it Go,” then she thinks she is finally free.
  • Pitbull – “Freedom” ; Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop”
    • Feel free, do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. Feel free, who cares what they say?”
    • We run things, things don’t run we. Don’t take nothing from nobody.” It’s our party we can do what we want. It’s our party we can say what we want. It’s our party we can love who we want. We can kiss who we want.”
  • But this idea of freedom is false and can be very destructive and painful. Paul shows us this in Romans 6:15-23.

 Big Idea: Freedom is living as God designed you to live.