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Attention Funnel: Greatest Enemies/Rivalries


  • We started a series last week called Faith Inspection. We said that in this series we want to take a closer look at some of the common questions/objections surrounding faith.
  • Tonight, I want to look at the Question: Doesn’t Science disprove Christianity?
  • At the core of this question is the idea that Science and Faith are rivals and enemies. Either you are a scientific person dealing with facts and evidence or you are a person of faith dealing with beliefs and old holy books.
  • I believe this is a false disagreement that has been painted.
  • My goal tonight is to point out that Christianity and science should go hand-in-hand and that what we believe is based on good evidence.

 Big Idea: Christians have good reasons for what we believe.

Main Points:

  • Christianity and science aren’t enemies.
  • The existence of God makes more sense of the facts.
  • There is evidence that Christianity is true.


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  • Refresh from last 2 weeks
  • Reintroduce Series
  • Introduce Tonight’s Lesson
  • I want you to imagine that you are in a courtroom with me tonight. I want to put before you certain pieces of evidence, and I want you to ask with me, does this evidence point us toward a God or away from a God.

 We CAN’T prove that God exists beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • That may sound like a dumb thing to begin with in a lesson on wrestling with doubt about God’s existence, but it’s true. I can’t offer you any single proof that God exists that will may you believe in God beyond any doubt.

But, there is evidence that we can weigh, and we can ask, “Does this point us to believe that God exists, or the opposite?

  • What I am trying to do, is to lay before you several things that we know about this universe and ourselves and to ask – does this point to a God who created the world, or does it point to a world that came about by chance apart from any creator or designer.
  • I’m going to do this through pointing out some of the things we know about this world, and then point out one thing we know about ourselves. I’ll finish by pointing out the hope that is found in Christianity alone.

 Big Idea: There are clues that point us toward the existence of God.