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Posted: January 23, 2019 by keystoneyouth in Death Row Lessons
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  • Big Idea: Either we kill sin or it kills us (Romans 8:13)
  • Fighting a grizzly bear. Removing the Blindfold.
  • Last week we talked about Pride – with the big idea that “We should spend our lives making much of God rather than making a name for ourselves.”
  • This week we move on to Envy.

Attention Funnel: Rivalries

  • In a rivalry, it’s not just that you hate losing, but you also hate your rival winning. You hate when they succeed.
  • “Envy is the feeling of unhappiness at the blessing and fortune of others.” –Joe Rigney
  • “Envy is the consuming desire to have everybody else as unsuccessful as you are” – Frederick Buechner

Big Idea: Envy hates when other people are a big deal.

  • To look at Envy, we are going to look at the story of Saul and David.
  • Saul is the first King of Israel. He makes some really big mistakes along in disobeying God and as a result God says he is going to make someone else king.
  • David is a young man who we find out that God plans to make king. David is perhaps most famous for killing a giant named Goliath… we pick up the story of Saul and David soon after this happened.

Main Points:

  • Envy Compares.
  • Envy Cuts Down.
  • Envy Complains
  • Grace Crushes Envy.