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God's Greates Invention Graphic

Attention Funnel: Hurdle Fails


  • Refresh from last week – How did we define what it means to be a man?
    • Men Lead, provide, and protect.
    • Jesus is the model man.
    • Men gladly sacrifice for others.
  • I hope you saw that picture and got excited about it. Guys I hope it gave you something you want to pursue. And Ladies, I hope it gave you something to encourage and expect in men.
  • But I also wonder if some of you weren’t sitting there thinking, “That’s great, but where are all these men at?” OR “That’s great, but why is it so difficult and hard to be that type of man?”
  • Genesis 3 provides the answer… it tells us that when sin enters the world, it directly effects everything… including manhood.
  • As a result of sin, men face certain hurdles that get in the way of being the type of man we described last week.
  • Tonight, I want to talk about what some of those hurdles might be and how God works to restore men and enable them to overcome those hurdles.

Big Idea: Guys face unique hurdles in their effort to live as godly men.

Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10; Genesis 3

Main Points:

  • Sin works to kill manhood.
  • God works to restore manhood.
  • Men work to become more like Jesus.



Attention Funnel:

  • Dream Life: If I told you that you could have the life of your dreams? Live anywhere, with anyone, do anything, have anything, be anybody… what would your life look like?
  • Real Life: Craig Sager Speech at the ESPYs


  • There are two ways for us to enjoy life. We can think that when we get to the future and have achieved the life of our dreams, then we will finally enjoy life.
  • Or we can see the life we have right here and now as a gift from God and start to enjoy every moment of it.
  • I think too many of us fail to enjoy life in the present because we are so focused on a future life that we are sure will be more enjoyable.
  • In our passage tonight, Solomon is going to urge us to enjoy the life we have right now… and he’s going to do that in a rather odd way, by telling us to stare death right between the eyes.
  • He’s going to tell us, a tornado is headed straight for your house (and our response is to bunker down, board up the windows, prepare for the worst), and instead he says, so go outside and play while the sun is still shining.

 Passage: Ecclesiastes 9:1-12 

Big Idea: Enjoy the life you have, not the one you dream of. 

Main Points:

  • Death is the only guarantee in this life.
  • Death is a good teacher.
  • Enjoy the life God has given you.
  • Hope: Jesus has defeated death.


Life 2.0

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Series Attention Funnel: Name That Famous Historical Figure

 Series Introduction:

  • Prepare to Die and Learn to Live… seems like a weird title for a series right.
  • We live by avoiding death at all costs. We don’t want to think about it. We push it out of our minds.
  • But Ecclesiastes is a bit of a weird book, so perhaps a weird title fits.
  • One person compares this book to a crazed man downtown. “He smells like he hasn’t bathed and looks like it too and as we pass by he won’t stop glaring at us and beckoning to us that our lives are built on illusions, and that we are all going to die. So, most of us choose to get our lunch at a different shop on a less dreary corner of town.”
  • I’ve already compared him to the friend that ruins everything.
    • “You look really beautiful today. But someday you’re going to grow old, saggy, and eventually be planted in the ground. So, have a nice day.”
  • But Ecclesiastes is not an eternal pessimist who only points out the bad in life to draw us down to his level.
  • Rather he simply wants to keep us from rooting our hope, meaning, and satisfaction in something in this world, when death will in fact take it all away from us.
  • He wants to prepare us for the day that we die… and in so doing, teach us to live well here and now.

 Lesson Attention Funnel: Name a Movie Sequel That Came Out in this Past Year

  • What do we know to be the case about sequels? They are almost always worse than the original.
  • So why do we go in flocks and droves to see sequels?
  • Because we secretly hope that they will be better. We hope that the second, third, fourth, or twentieth movie in a series is going to deliver better entertainment then the first one.
  • You thought SpiderMan 1 was good, just wait until SpiderMan 6! You liked Star Wars 7, just wait until Star Wars 8! You liked the Avengers… Well then you are definitely going to like Avengers vs. Smurphs! Can’t wait!
  • Life in this world is a little bit like this. We spend our whole lives chasing after something more, chasing after a better life.
  • I’m going to call that concept Life 2.0. We are convinced that this better, more improved, more fulfilling life is right around the corner… when I get to high school, when I get to college, when I get a job, when I get my license, when I find true love, when I have a family, when I have lots of money.
  • And yet just like the sequel to a movie, the future life we are chasing never quite delivers. We’re convinced there has to be more, but everywhere we look in this life that more eludes us.

 Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

 Big Idea: Life in this world leaves us longing for something more.

 Main Points:

  • We long for a life that is permanent.
  • We long for a life of complete satisfaction.
  • We long for a life of lasting significance.
  • Hope: Jesus broke into the world to give us life.


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Champions or Chumps?

 Attention Funnel: Getting a Bad Gift/ Famous People who have Died


  • People rise and fall… and then they are forgotten.
  • Even some of the most popular people are often soon forgotten after their death.
  • If Jesus was exactly like these people then we should feel and even act like those kids on Christmas morning.
  • We have been duped… given a false hope… told that we were getting a great gift, only to open it up and find… pickles.
  • But if Jesus is not exactly like these people… if he really is risen from the dead… then this truth should lead to changed lives and an incredible hope and confidence.

 Big Idea: Jesus’ resurrection gives us great confidence both now and in the future.

I want to cover two main things tonight:

  • First of all, how can we know the resurrection happened.
  • Second of all, why does it matter for our lives.

Main Points:

  • Jesus’ death is a comma, not a period.
  • Jesus’ resurrection is the hinge on which Christianity hangs.
  • The resurrection means we are winners in Jesus.