Costa Rica Day 1

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Costa Rica Day 1 

We arrived in Santa Rosa on Saturday night after a four-hour van ride. Thankfully no one got sick on the winding mountain roads! We got situated in our hotel, took a short walk around the town and then went to bed fairly early after a long day of travel. 


On Sunday morning, we started our day off with a pancake breakfast at our hotel. Then, at around 7:30 a.m., we had group devotions. We all got into the vans and headed to Hannah and Esteban’s for church. Kyle got the opportunity to preach and Esteban translated. After church, we had a lunch of rice, beef, and coleslaw, which was prepared by the church. We also played Frisbee and tested out our Spanish in conversation with them. In the afternoon, we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed the pool. After that, we played soccer against the Ticos for a couple hours. It is cool to see how competing with and against each other in games helps us to connect even when we can’t speak the same language! We quickly lost to the Ticos and needed to mix the teams up to make the games more competitiveJ We finished the day with a pizza dinner and games at our hotel.

Backstory: Two years ago when we were in Santa Rosa, Hannah and Esteban were fairly recently married and their ministry was only a couple years old. Yesterday during church, Hannah and Esteban had Andy preside over the dedication of their second child, Michaela.  Their first son, Sammy, was born several months after the last time that we were here.  It is really neat to see their growing family along with their growing ministry. The buildings have changed since the last time we were here, but so has the ministry. The church has grown from a part bible study/part church plant to being a more mature and thriving church. It was very exciting to be back with them and get to spend Sunday morning and afternoon with their church.

Costa Rica 2017: Who? When? Where? What? Why? How?

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Who: A group of 19 Senior High Students and 5 Leaders

When: July 22nd-30th

Where: Santa Rosa, Costa Rica

What: We will meet up with Keystone Missionary Andy Gordley and serve alongside a local church plant and ministry run by Hannah and Esteban Mora. While we are there we will take part in their church, help with work projects, take part in the Kids Club, play soccer, stay overnight in the house of a church member, and learn more about the ministry of Hannah and Esteban in Santa Rosa and Andy’s ministry in Costa Rica. 

Why: We take trips like this because we want to learn about and experience what God is doing in the lives of churches and missionaries all over the world. We can have missionaries come and speak to us. We can view pictures of missionaries and what they are doing. We can read newsletters to hear more about them. But it is a very different thing to go and personally experience the ministry they are engaging in. It’s a bit like eating a piece of bacon. You can watch someone else eat bacon. You can look at pictures of bacon. You can know all about the process for making bacon. But it’s a very different thing to actually pick up a piece of bacon and take a bite out of it. The trip to Costa Rica is meant to be bite-sized experience of foreign missions and ministry. We hope to get an experience of what life is like in Costa Rica, a picture of what God is doing in Costa Rica, and be able to serve, learn, and fellowship with a church and missionaries who are a part of God’s work in Costa Rica.

How can you get involved: You can support us by emailing and asking for a prayer card that will be sent out the week before our trip. You can also give towards the trip by going to and selecting “Online Missions Fund” and “Sr. High Costa Rica” or you can give a check to Keystone Church marked “Costa Rica 2017.” Also, be sure to follow along with this blog during the week that we are in Cost Rica for pictures, updates, and student reflections.

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 Attention Funnel: J.P. Sears Video

 Series Introduction:

  • Why do a series on where we explore other religions (Hinduism, Islam, Atheism)?
    • Sidenote: I include Atheism as a “religion” despite the fact that many atheists would not like being called religious.
  • I want you to be knowledgeable about what other religions believe.
    • I don’t want you to believe the lie that says, “All religions really believe the same things.”
    • But I also don’t want you to make blanket statements about other religions that may actually be false and harmful.
  • Ultimately, I want you to be humble and bold as you engage with those of different faiths.
  • I want you to be humble in respecting and understanding other people’s beliefs, but I also want you to be bold in sharing the gospel and knowing how to go about that with someone who believes something different then you.

Lesson Introduction:

  • It’s actually quite hard to explain or understand Hinduism… so I’m going to explain it in the next 30-35 minutes and you all are going to be experts at the end of that timeJ
  • Honestly, this is a lesson that will probably leave you with more questions than answers.
    • But that’s a good thing, because the best way to better understand Hinduism would be to befriend a Hindu and ask questions.
  • Why is Hinduism hard to explain and understand?
    • Because it is so diverse!
    • There is no specific founder… no Buddha, no Jesus, No Mohammed, No Joseph Smith.
    • There is not a single holy book, rather there are multitudes of scriptures, some of which are 4 times the size of the Bible (The Bhagavad Gita is the most influential Hindu Scripture today which is a little over 200 pages long, but is just one part of a much longer Hindu Holy Book).
    • There is one God and yet millions of gods.
    • There are thousands of creation stories… and none of them contradict one another.
    • There are different paths to salvation, but one may combine and mix these paths, or use different paths at different times in their life.
    • What “salvation” means may be different form one person to another.
  • You feel overwhelmed yet?
    • If you meet someone who is a Hindu, they may be deeply religious or they may be an atheist who simply identifies culturally and socially with the customs of Hinduism.
    • Perhaps the only guarantee there is, is that each Hind you may meet will tell you their way is the right way, but all other ways are not wrong.

 Big Idea: Hinduism is a diverse religion that claims there are many ways to God.

 Main Points

  • There are 3 questions that I want to ask and answer tonight to help us both better understand Hinduism and make some comparisons to Christianity. The answers that Hinduism gives to these three questions will be our 3 main points.
  • The 3 questions are, Who is God? What is salvation? And How do you achieve salvation?
  • We’ll close with some advice for how to engage with Hindus.

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Champions or Chumps?

 Attention Funnel: Getting a Bad Gift/ Famous People who have Died


  • People rise and fall… and then they are forgotten.
  • Even some of the most popular people are often soon forgotten after their death.
  • If Jesus was exactly like these people then we should feel and even act like those kids on Christmas morning.
  • We have been duped… given a false hope… told that we were getting a great gift, only to open it up and find… pickles.
  • But if Jesus is not exactly like these people… if he really is risen from the dead… then this truth should lead to changed lives and an incredible hope and confidence.

 Big Idea: Jesus’ resurrection gives us great confidence both now and in the future.

I want to cover two main things tonight:

  • First of all, how can we know the resurrection happened.
  • Second of all, why does it matter for our lives.

Main Points:

  • Jesus’ death is a comma, not a period.
  • Jesus’ resurrection is the hinge on which Christianity hangs.
  • The resurrection means we are winners in Jesus.

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The Great Exchange

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The Great Exchange

Attention Funnel: Videos of Instant Karma


  • We love justice.
    • And yet our sense of justice is almost always skewed.
  • We love to see other people receive bad when we feel like they deserve it.
    • If someone cuts someone else off on the road… it feels good to see them get cut off.
    • If someone cuts in front of the line, it feels good to have someone intervene and send them to the back of the line.
    • If someone makes fun of you, it feels good to see them get torn down.
  • And on the flip side, we balk when we feel like we don’t get something good that we deserve.
    • If an older brother or sister received a phone when they were 12 years old, but you were told you would have to wait until you were 16, you would flip out.
    • If your friends are all invited to a party, but you aren’t invited, you sulk, get angry, and plot how to get back at the person who did the inviting.
    • If I gave half of you candy, the other half of you would balk at the fact that you did not also receive any candy.
  • We have this intrinsic sense that is quick to be happy when bad things happen to people that “deserve” them, while also feeling that we only deserve good things and get upset when we don’t get them.
  • The cross teaches us that we actually deserve that bad that we so often reserve for “other” people and yet we receive good that we don’t deserve because Jesus took on the bad that we deserve.

Big Idea: Jesus got what we deserved so we get what we don’t deserve.

 Main Points:

  • On the cross, Jesus gets what he doesn’t deserve.
  • On the cross, Jesus gets what we do deserve.
  • Because of the cross, we get what we don’t deserve.

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Alone in the Garden

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 Attention Funnel: Superhero Bracket


  • Superheroes tend to walk confidently towards their greatest challenge. They are the picture of boldness, courage, and strength as the defeat the villain.
  • We would expect the same from the man we call our savior: Jesus.
    • Here is a man who told a paralyzed person to get up and walk and HE DID.
    • Here is a man who told demons to flee and they ran like little boys.
    • Here is a man who told a storm to stop and it obeyed like a pet dog.
    • Here is a man who healed lepers, walked on water, and gave sight to the blind.
    • Here is the man who told a dead man to get up out of his grave and the dead man LISTENENED.
  • And we do see this man walking boldly towards his greatest moment, the cross…
    • Mark 10:32-34
  • He is walking confidently to his death…until the Garden, the Night before his death.

Big Idea: Jesus willingly goes to the cross out of love.

Passage: Mark 14:32-42

  • Sorrow, distress, troubled, weak??? How can this be??
  • We see Jesus as strong, full of power, bold, courageous… and here is his on his knees on the verge of tears and sweating drops of blood.
  • Why include this picture of sorrow, despair, weakness, and stress of a man who the very authors claimed to be our Savior, King, and Lord.

Main Points:

  • Jesus suffered alone so that we would never to suffer alone.
  • Jesus understood the cross as a place of God’s wrath.
  • Jesus submitted to God’s will out of love.

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