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 Series Introduction:

  • Why do a series on where we explore other religions (Hinduism, Islam, Atheism)?
    • Sidenote: I include Atheism as a “religion” despite the fact that many atheists would not like being called religious.
  • I want you to be knowledgeable about what other religions believe.
    • I don’t want you to believe the lie that says, “All religions really believe the same things.”
    • But I also don’t want you to make blanket statements about other religions that may actually be false and harmful.
  • Ultimately, I want you to be humble and bold as you engage with those of different faiths.
  • I want you to be humble in respecting and understanding other people’s beliefs, but I also want you to be bold in sharing the gospel and knowing how to go about that with someone who believes something different then you.

Lesson Introduction:

  • It’s actually quite hard to explain or understand Hinduism… so I’m going to explain it in the next 30-35 minutes and you all are going to be experts at the end of that timeJ
  • Honestly, this is a lesson that will probably leave you with more questions than answers.
    • But that’s a good thing, because the best way to better understand Hinduism would be to befriend a Hindu and ask questions.
  • Why is Hinduism hard to explain and understand?
    • Because it is so diverse!
    • There is no specific founder… no Buddha, no Jesus, No Mohammed, No Joseph Smith.
    • There is not a single holy book, rather there are multitudes of scriptures, some of which are 4 times the size of the Bible (The Bhagavad Gita is the most influential Hindu Scripture today which is a little over 200 pages long, but is just one part of a much longer Hindu Holy Book).
    • There is one God and yet millions of gods.
    • There are thousands of creation stories… and none of them contradict one another.
    • There are different paths to salvation, but one may combine and mix these paths, or use different paths at different times in their life.
    • What “salvation” means may be different form one person to another.
  • You feel overwhelmed yet?
    • If you meet someone who is a Hindu, they may be deeply religious or they may be an atheist who simply identifies culturally and socially with the customs of Hinduism.
    • Perhaps the only guarantee there is, is that each Hind you may meet will tell you their way is the right way, but all other ways are not wrong.

 Big Idea: Hinduism is a diverse religion that claims there are many ways to God.

 Main Points

  • There are 3 questions that I want to ask and answer tonight to help us both better understand Hinduism and make some comparisons to Christianity. The answers that Hinduism gives to these three questions will be our 3 main points.
  • The 3 questions are, Who is God? What is salvation? And How do you achieve salvation?
  • We’ll close with some advice for how to engage with Hindus.