Memphis Day 4

Posted: July 20, 2018 by keystoneyouth in SOS Trip


Thursday was a full day again. We spend all day on the job sites. There was a huge difference between morning and afternoon. The morning was shaded and a nice breeze kept us cool on the roofs, but as soon as the sun came out we immediately started sweating. Our three groups were able to accomplish quite a bit while also enjoying a long lunch. Meal times are one of my favorite things about these trips. I love the time of just sitting around and talking because there is nowhere else to go. The closeness that develops in our groups in large part happens while we sit around talking and laughing. We returned to the SOS base for showers, dinner, and chapel. And then we finished the day off as usual with another debriefing at Chick-Fil-A:)


  • Group debrief time in the evening. This was probably the best debrief time we had during the whole trip. People shared their highlights and frustrations from the trip along with things they felt like they learned this time around. It was also encouraging because we were processing through what has been taught this week. The students shared some things they didn’t really agree with that the speaker said while also highlighting some of the things that were said that were true and connected with them. It was a proud moment for me to see them exercising discernment by weighing what was being taught from up front with what they know of the Bible. (P.S. A great question to ask them when we return would be, “What did you think of the chapel speaker?”)
  • God protecting us on the job sites. We had a couple minor injuries today that could have been worse (don’t worry, no one fell of the roof!). We saw God protecting us even as things didn’t go how we thought they would.

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