The Fold Day 1

Posted: June 11, 2018 by keystoneyouth in The Fold

We arrived at the Fold after a long day of travel last night at 8:00pm. We got situated in the house we are staying at (which is on the same property as the offices and school), and most of us went to bed pretty quickly. Although several decided it would be a good night to stay up until 2:00:) After breakfast and devotions this morning, we headed out for the day’s work. Part of the group spent the morning scraping and re-staining the deck at the house we are staying in, while the other part worked on replacing a window and clearing out some brush and weeds around the school.

It seems much busier around here then the other years that we have been here. The students are still in school (they have 7 currently). Several students graduated last weekend and several more graduate this coming weekend, so parents have been in and out over the past couple weekends as well.

After lunch, half of the group packed up and drove the boys home to mow the lawn. It was a group project since we only had push mowers and the property includes about two acres of area that needs to be mowed (this usually ends up being a weekly chore for the two boys who currently live in the boys home). The rest of the group continued to stain decks around the main property and work on the widow.  We finished off our day with pizza (made by Nicki, Caroline, and Mariah!), and lots of games throughout the evening.




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