God’s Wonderful Gift to the World: Women

Posted: April 17, 2018 by keystoneyouth in God's Greatest Invention
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  • Refresh: Principles for this series – Equal in dignity and value; Specific roles to play; God’s design is good; Jesus restores broken people.
  • Refresh Men: Responsibility to lead, provide, and protect; Jesus is the model, all about gladly sacrificing for others.
  • Tonight… we start two weeks talking about women
  • I was sitting in the office this week on Thursday starting to work on this lesson and I kept thinking, “What in the world did I get myself into?”
  • Is there anything more offensive then a man teaching on the role of women???
  • But I also believe that it’s not my inadequacy or adequacy that matters when it comes time to teach… what matters is the authority of the Bible. The Bible is the words of a Father who deeply loves men and women made in his image.
  • With that being said, I realize my ability to step over the bounds of the Bible and say things it doesn’t actually say. That’s why small groups tonight are such a wonderful thing… because it gives you the opportunity to say, “I think Kyle is wrong. I think he went too far. I think he’s a chauvinistic pig” –Okay hopefully not that far, and if it is we might have a problemJ
  • I would say there are two competing narratives about women in our culture
    • 1) There are no differences and distinctions between men and women.
    • 2) The only distinction of women is that they should try really hard to be beautiful.
  • It’s confusing to be a woman – one side tells you there are no differences, the other side overemphasizes a single difference. Who do you believe?
  • Fortunately, Bible gives us some direction where the culture may seem confusing.

Big Idea: How we define what it means to be a woman will shape what girls pursue and what guys expect.

Main Points:

  • Women are given a unique gifting.
  • Women prioritize godliness over appearance.
  • Men and women display a picture of the gospel.

Women are given a unique gifting (Genesis 2:18-15).

  • We see after God created man, that something is not good in this world that he has created.
  • What we see is that humanity is incomplete without women. There’s something missing, something lacking, something that is not good.
    • It’s like a Big Mac without the buns, cheese, and special sauce… it’s just beef and lettuce. A world without women is not a good place.
    • A world of just men or even a world where men are more valued and important then women is not a good place.
  • And we see that women bear a unique gifting from God… they are gifted to be a helper fit for men (the passage says that multiple times).
    • Now we instinctively push back against that. But before we do that, let’s step back and understand what it means to be a helper.
    • The word given here means to provide strength where it is needed.
    • So when my mower breaks down and I don’t know how to fix it because I’m brain dead when it comes to any type of engine, I call my dad and ask, “Dad can you come help me fix my mower?” Not because he is weak, but because I am weak. I’m asking for him to step in and provide strength, skill and wisdom where it is needed.
  • A helper is not weaker or less significant, rather they are providing strength where there is weakness.
    • In fact, often when helper is used at other places in the Bible it’s used to refer to God (example Psalm 121:1)
  • So how are women uniquely gifted as helpers?
  • To Encourage.
    • This does not mean that women are standing on the sidelines with pom-poms as men play the game of life.
    • An encourager points people in the right direction and motivates them towards that direction.
    • If you have had a really good teacher at school – it’s likely they were really good at encouraging their students. They push encourage a student towards a goal that may have seemed beyond reach.
    • Women are often far better encouragers… and not just in encouraging guys, but also in encouraging other women as well.
    • Apply: Ladies are you better at encouraging other people or tearing them down? Are you willing to call guys out when they needed to be called out in a way that is encouraging and not harsh?
  • To Nurture.
    • Ladies, there is a reason your bodies are different then men’s. Your bodies are designed to bring forth and nurture life.
    • WAIT! Before you say Kyle said all that women are good for is bearing children, you need to hear two caveats:
      • 1) If you never have children, that doesn’t make you any less of a woman. 2) If you don’t desire to be a stay-at-home mom, that doesn’t make you any less of a woman.
    • Beyond children, Ladies you just tend to be better at showing compassion and caring for the hurting and the weak.
      • Whenever something significant happens in someone’s life at church… there’s like 50 ladies who jump up and make meals.
      • Guys it’s often not our natural instinct to nurture and care like it is for ladies
    • Apply: Ladies, reach out to those who are hurting and in need. Send them a note, get together with them, be a listening ear.
    • Ladies, look for ways to help nurture the next generation.
  • To Provide Strength.
    • Sadly, sometimes women get a reputation as being weak. Ladies, don’t believe that. We need strong women.
  • My mom is a strong woman… she raised 3 boys. She cooked every meal, kept the house in order, drove us to countless sports practices, all while running a daycare out of her home to help pay the bills and provide for family vacations, and later while working as a nurse!
    • Apply: Girls, be strong – in your gifts, in your faith, in your intellect, in your abilities, in your support of godly men, in your expectations for men. BE STRONG.
    • Apply: Guys, we need to celebrate strong women. Look for girls who will stand up and call you out when you’re being stupid.
  • Again, some of you have had great models of this type of woman in your life, while others of haven’t.
  • I hope that if you don’t have this type of woman as a mom… that you can still look somewhere, to youth leaders, a grandparent, somewhere else to see what a godly woman looks like.

 Women prioritize godliness over appearance (1 Peter 3:3-4).

  • This sounds so cliché, but it’s deeply counter-cultural… because it says what makes you a woman is not how well you measure up to an external standard, how many guys ask you to prom, how many girls are jealous of you, or how mike likes you get on a picture.
  • It says what makes you a woman is developing a strong character that has at its center a deep faith, trust, and love for God.
    • Peter is not saying women need to stop wearing jewelry, stop doing your hair and makeup, and only shop at Goodwill.
  • Also, when Peter mentions having a gentle and quiet spirit, he is not saying that women need to shut their mouths, and never share their opinions.
    • He’s saying that women should develop a deep trust in God that enables them to be calm and face anything that comes their way.
    • It’s like a little girl who runs boldly and laughing into the waves at the beach, because she knows that her father is right behind her ready to pull her out of danger at a moment’s notice.
  • Guys, we need to encourage and reinforce this in the women around us.
  • Proverbs 31:30
  • Apply: Ladies, are you more concerned about getting guys to look at you then you are about looking to God as your Father.
    • Are you more concerned about finding a boyfriend, then you are about discovering your strengths and gifts and using them to serve in the church?
    • Are you more concerned about measuring up to some standard, then you are about growing in your love for Christ?

 Men and women display a picture of the gospel (3:1-2;5-6)

  • We dodged two of the most controversial parts of this passage, but I want to touch on them shortly before you head into small groups.
    • They surround the idea of submission.
    • This word sounds like a dirty word. It carries all sorts of baggage with it, and I don’t know what sort of baggage you may associate with it.
  • John Piper defines submission as, “The divine calling of a wife to honor and affirm her husband’s leadership and carry it through according to her gifts.”
    • Where this happens, it’s a wonderful picture of the gospel – Men sacrificially loving women and women joyfully inviting and encouraging those men to lead.
  • But sadly, submission gets twisted and misused… often among the church.
  • So I want to close by telling you what submission is not… and then I want you to talk more about this idea in your small groups some more…
    • Submission is not submitting to every man! If some boy tells you, “You need to submit to me.” Or if your boyfriend one day tells you that… you take your hand and slap him in the face and walk away.
    • Submission is not a man saying, “Be quiet and do what I tell you and make me a sandwich.”
    • Submission is not leaving your brain and strengths behind when you get married.
    • Submission is not – staying quiet and not running for help if a man is abusive in your life. If that ever happens to you, speak up LOUDLY, get help, and get out of there.
    • Submission is not only for women. Men submit to their wives by loving them sacrificially, men submit to godly elders, and men ultimately submit to Jesus.
  • Here is the important thing ladies… one day if you get married, God is going to call you to lovingly support your husband and follow his lead… take that into account as you think about who you are going to date.
  • Don’t date some idiot who’s really smooth and handsome but is incredibly selfish… look for a man who will constantly sacrifice himself for you.

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