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Posted: March 21, 2018 by keystoneyouth in God's Greatest Invention
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Attention Funnel: Word Association – Fast Food, Genius, Huge, Ocean, Love, Failure, Basketball, Man (Videos of male stereotypes)


  • Refresh Last Week – 1) EVERY Human has equal dignity and value. 2) Men and women have a specific role to play. 3)God’s design is what’s best for us. 4) Jesus came to restore broken people.
  • Tonight, and next week we are going to talk about men… and no ladies this doesn’t just mean that you can tune out. I’ll tell you why in a second.
  • What do you think about when you think about what it means to be a man?
    • What picture comes into your mind when you think about what a man is? What attributes come into mind when you think about what it means to be a man?
  • Guys – How you define what it means to be a man will shape what you pursue after.
    • What is your idea of a vacation? There’s two types of vacationers… The first type is the sit, eat, and just relax type. In other words, consume over 5,000 calories and don’t take more than 10 steps each day. The second type is the always has to be doing something type. Waking up at 5:00 in the morning to run, then playing a game of risk, going jet skiing, and catching a lobster all before 10:00am.
    • How you define a vacation will affect what you pursue on your vacation… peace and quiet or activity and experiences.
  • Girls – How you define what it means to be a man will shape what you expect from men and encourage in them.

Big Idea: How we define what it means to be a man will shape what guys pursue and what girls expect.

Passages: Genesis 2; Romans 5; Ephesians 5

Main Points

  • Men are given a unique responsibility… to lead, to provide, and to protect.
  • Jesus is the model man.
  • Being a man is all about gladly sacrificing for others

Read Genesis 2:5-18; Genesis 3:6

  • Order is important.
  • Man is created first, given the commands from God, told to work the garden, and held responsible first for sin.
  • This does not mean that men are better than women. But they do bear a unique responsibility as men.

Men are given a unique responsibility.

  • Any definition or thought or what it means to be a man that is focused on being irresponsible is false.
    • A 28-year-old who lives with his parents, has watched every series on Netflix and is an expert in Call of Duty, but isn’t holding down a steady job, and lives to party on the weekends IS NOT A MAN. He is boy in a grown man’s body.
  • I’m going to give you three categories that I think are helpful in thinking about the responsibility that men should bear (these are not mine and these are not perfect, but I think they are as good as any)
  • To Lead – Adam was given the command about the tree and naturally called to pass it on to Eve. He is the one who bears responsibility for the sin first as the leader.
  • You need to hear what I am not saying first of all:
    • I’m not saying women aren’t and can’t be leaders… many women are fantastic leaders, far better than me. In the same way, I’m not saying that women can’t provide and protect others.
    • I’m not saying in order for someone to be a man he must be a CEO, business owner, elder, or even a husband.
  • But what I am saying is where men take the initiative to lead themselves and others, the world flourishes. And where men shirk this responsibility and run from it, the world flounders (AKA Adam).
    • This is part of why Keystone takes a position that says only men can be Elders and Pastors. It’s not that women aren’t capable… it’s that we believe God designed the family and church to flourish under men who lead well.
    • Apply: Start small. Do you clean your room and take care of your stuff? Do set goals for yourself? Are you spiritually leading yourself?
    • Apply: Great leaders first learn how to be led. Are you following other great leaders? Or are you convinced that you know better than everyone else?
  • To Provide – Men are called to work hard to provide for others. Adam gets a job before he gets a woman. (Aka. If you’re not old enough to get a job, you’re not old enough to dateJ)
    • Men provide for themselves and others. Men develop a good work ethic.
    • Apply: Do you have a job? If not, why not? Are you working just so that you can have money to buy stuff for yourself? At school, do you work hard on your HW. Do you help out around home? Happily, or by complaining?
  • To Protect – Men step in front of danger.
    • Notice this is Adam’s great failure… He refuses to step between Eve and the Serpent. He’s just chilling there the whole time, standing in the corner playing Minecraft and checking college basketball scores on his phone… while Eve gets attacked.
    • Men go down so that women go free.
    • Video of a little boy running to protect his sister. He sees another boy wrestling his sister and runs to protect her. What a picture of what it means to be a man!
    • Apply: Are you protecting women from dishonor and disrespect? Are you willing to confront a friend if he talks about or treats women poorly? Are you protecting women from yourself… setting healthy boundaries in a dating relationship?
  • Hopefully there are certain men in your lives who reflect the characteristics mentioned above. If there are, you should observe them, learn from them and replicate them.
  • But I also want to recognize that for some of you there are few or no good men in your lives. Dad is not present or he’s a terrible role model. Every other man just seems like a boy in a man’s body. If that’s you I want to say sorry. That’s not fair.
  • But I also want to say that you still have a model of what it looks like to be a man… in fact you still have the perfect model that all other men only reflect vaguely – and that model is Jesus.

Jesus is the model man (Romans 5:12-15).

  • Jesus succeeded in every area where Adam failed.
  • In other words, Jesus was the man that Adam was supposed to be.
  • There are all sorts of false ideas about Jesus… but one of the greatest ones is of an effeminate Jesus. It can get so bad that we no longer know the difference between Jesus and Oprah.
  • This is false! Jesus is the picture of what it means to be a man. He was courageous, bold, strong, willing to flip tables and hand out a good whippin when it was needed. He was also compassionate, caring, providing strength and protection for those who were weak.
  • Guys – if you want to know what a man should look like – Look at Jesus.
  • Girls – If you want to know what a man should look like – Look at Jesus.
  • Now we need to be clear… men in this world will never measure up to look exactly like Jesus. They will always fall short in some ways.
    • Big Mac in a commercial vs. Big Mac in real life. In the commercial it is perfectly stacked, perfectly cooked, makes your mouth water. In real life, it’s smashed together and messy.
    • When we realize this, it protects guys from getting overly discouraged and girls from expecting prince charming who has no flaws and never makes any mistakes.
  • God doesn’t demand perfection from us… that’s already ours if we believe in Jesus. But God does expect that we would be growing to be more and more like Christ.
  • Our job is practice, not perfection.

Being a man is all about gladly sacrificing for others (Ephesians 5:25-28)

  • Too often, being a man is associated with getting what you want. It is associated with telling other people to do stuff FOR you.
  • In leading, providing, and protecting… we are doing this not for our own sake but for the sake of other people.
  • Read Ephesians 5:25-28.
    • Obviously, this passage is specifically talking about husbands and wives, but the principle applies for all men.
    • One of the things I want to protect against in this series is giving off the idea that in order to really be a man or woman, you have to be married. That’s false!
  • We see in this passage that men are called to sacrifice for others. They are called to lay down their own wants, desires, and even needs for the sake of other people… especially women and children.
  • Men risk and give up what is theirs’… even their own bodies for others.
    • There’s a movie out right now called the 15:17 to Paris. It’s a true story about a group of young men that stopped a terrorist attack on train on its way from Amsterdam to Paris. I love the image in the trailer of the one man, Spencer Stone, looking out from behind his seat and then running towards the attacker who was armed with an AK-47. He saw danger, and he ran towards it.
  • That’s what men do, because that’s what Christ did.
  • Jesus saw the mess and the danger of sin – and he ran towards it. He took it on himself, sacrificing for us.
  • “This is manliness at its best. It’s courage at its greatest. It’s self-sacrifice at its most noble. It’s the fight at its most tenacious. As a result, man is restored both to potentially be what God originally intended, but then also to enjoy the fullness of fellowship with God that was lost.” –Eric Mason
  • We may never be called to run at danger like that, but as men we gladly follow the call to lay down our lives for the sake of others. That’s what manhood is all about.

So What??

  • Girls – Expect and Encourage men to act like men.
  • Guys – We need boys who are committed to becoming men… not boys in men’s bodies.
  • Guys – Practice makes better.
  • Guys – We are already perfect in Christ.

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