Costa Rica Day #7

Posted: July 30, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Costa Rica 2017


I skipped a couple days because Thursday and Friday were travel days/day off.  We spent over 7 hours in the van in those two days and spent the rest of the time at a beach along the Pacific Ocean.

We arrived at the Villa around 8:00 on Friday night. We ate dinner and then had a team debrief about what we’ve been learning this week. This was probably our best time together as a team for the week.  People each took turns sharing what God has been doing in their life or drawing their attention to this week.

The next day we woke up and headed to Tirrases for a final day of ministry. We served alongside Jairo and his church during their main day of ministry. In the morning, we split our group in two. Half of the group went to play soccer on a local field with some Tico teenagers. The other half of the group stayed and helped out with the kids ministry that happens every Saturday morning.  During lunch time, we took a walk around Tirrases and heard the story of how the ministry started with Jairo stopping in Tirrases to play soccer with some teenage boys and share the gospel with them. They asked him to come back the next week and he continued to come back week after week playing soccer and sharing from the Bible.  This eventually led to a kids ministry, youth ministry, and a Sunday morning church. The last time we were here we got to spend Saturday evening with Jairo and the church, but we didn’t get to see the ministry in action.  It was really cool to see the ministries in action this time and to get a glimpse of where Brandon Hoover does ministry on a weekly basis.  In the afternoon we spent time with their youth ministry playing some games, hearing a lesson on Jonah, and sharing some testimonies.  Andra and Zach shared their testimonies from our group and Maria Fernanda shared her testimony from their group.  It was cool to hear the different ways that God has worked in the lives of people from very different cultures and backgrounds to draw them to Christ. After time with the youth ministry, we returned back to the Villa to take naps, eat dinner and prepare for a 9:00 game of soccer.  We met up with Jairo, and some of the other guys from the church to play soccer on a local turf field.  It was our final game of Gringos vs. Ticos… and the Ticos won with ease.  It was cool to be able to finish off our week hanging out with others our age but from a different culture. Be sure to ask us questions about our trip. Thank you for following us and for your prayers!


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