Costa Rica Day #3

Posted: July 26, 2017 by keystoneyouth in Costa Rica 2017


Yesterday was our hardest work day here.  We woke up and had breakfast at 7:00, followed by team devotions at 7:30.  This has been one of my favorite times because each leader is taking a different day to lead devotions. Yesterday, it was Bri’s turn to lead devotions and she shared on the importance and challenge of showing hospitality as Christians. It was especially fitting because that night the students were going to be broken up into groups and spend the night in a Tico home. After breakfast, we headed to Hannah and Esteban’s for the work day. Half of the group spent time finishing painting in the church building and the other half spent time working on a garage by Hannah and Esteban’s house. Some helped to put up a tin roof, while others worked on mixing and pouring concrete for the floor.  At 3:00, part of the group spend time leading the Kids’ Club that happens at Hannah and Esteban’s house again. Andra and Katie led the story time and then Paige and Kylie led the kids in a craft time.  We came back to the hotel to take showers and pack for the evening and then got everyone sent out to their homes for the overnight stay. I asked Kylie and Dalton if they would share about their experiences in the overnight stay.


We arrived at our home around 7:30 and were welcomed with amazing hospitality. Our family consisted of a 16-year-old girl, a 19-year-old girl, and a 20-year-old boy with their parents. The rest of the kids were married and out of the house. They spoke only a little English and Paige and I spoke very little Spanish. We sat around a table outside on the porch for supper. They had made us a typical Costa Rican meal of rice, chicken soup, and tortillas. While we ate, the kids asked us questions and we tried our best to answer, they tried their best to answer our questions too. When we weren’t sure what the other was asking, we would write it down on a piece of paper which helped a lot. After the meal Carlos, the 20-year-old, brought his guitar out onto the porch and we all sang songs together. After about an hour and a half of singing we got out a deck of cards and the kids in our family taught us some games. We played games for a while, still asking each other questions about what they liked or disliked. Around 11 we went to bed; the two girls gave up their beds for Paige and I and slept on the floor of our room. In the morning, we woke up around 6 when the girls went to school. Their mom made us a breakfast of eggs, rice, and plantains which we again ate on the porch. She then took us on a small tour of her neighborhood. She showed us the school where her daughters went and the view of the mountains from the back of their home. Their hospitality was amazing and something that we could learn from.


In an evening rainstorm, Cole and I arrived at the home of one of the members of the church. I was a little anxious when we arrived – I cannot speak much Spanish at all. How could we communicate well? Would their home life be at all be similar to mine? Would we have anything in common? As we approached the home, the mother of the family came out to greet us. She warmly hugged us and welcomed us into her home. Upon entering, I saw six family members sitting around a flat-screen TV watching shows on Netflix. They all looked and smiled at us then motioned for us to sit on the couch with them. Before we could begin talking, several family members pulled out their smart phones and opened a translator app. Before long, we were communicating through their phones like old friends. As it turned out, Costa Rican culture has some things in common with life in America. For dinner, the family gave us a delicious bowl of chicken and potato soup with rice. This food reminded me a lot of chicken noodle soup that my grandmother makes. After dinner, we watched a movie in Spanish with English subtitles. Next came devotions. The family reads a chapter of Proverbs every night. It was a unique and enjoyable experience to read our bibles together in different languages. Following devotions, we talked long into the night about pop music, travel destinations, social media, and even American politics. Around 11:30, we all finally meandered off to bed. In the morning, we woke up at 7 and ate a hearty breakfast of rice and beans, mango, eggs, and fresh mozzarella. The pickup time came all too early at 8. Parting was sad, but we could still stay in contact thanks to social media. The hospitality displayed was beyond belief. They let us pick the movie, have as much food as we wanted, and the mother even gave up her bed for us to sleep in. The overnight stay in a family’s home was extremely humbling and eye opening.

  1. Jordan Sheaffer says:

    Looking great guys and gals! Enjoying the posts… Keeping you held firmly in prayer!

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